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Recruiting to Official Team *Black Magic* (Lunarforce \ Shadowcores)


Mar 26, 2015
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Hello Everyone. I am posting here today to look for trainees for my official team I am creating. My team is going to be called *Black Magic* and we plan on staying together as a team on Twifysoft Servers, and many other OTs we play together. This is going to be more then a guild, but a dedicated team that will stick together, be loyal to one another, respect each other, full trust and honesty, and nothing but strength and unity in war and everything else we do.

Requirements: Must be able to speak and understand English Fluently, as I am an English Player from the USA. You must have at least TeamSpeak or Raidcall (http://www.raidcall.com/download-raidcall.html) We Mostly use Raidcall so it is suggested you get that above TeamSpeak, I always use Skype, but that is for more 1 on 1 Gameplay with someone. You must be dedicated, and ready to leave Shadowcores for Good and Focus on PvP and War, and Tibia with me on Lunarforce, you must be ready to be loyal and dedicate yourself to my teaching of PvP, War, Commanding, and Tibia. If you are not a trustworthy person, devious, and not honest, do not bother. You must be active, at least on once a day, that is a huge requirement, as we will be an active, powerful team. You must also be fast paced, and ready to learn reaction, speed, technique and more. If you think you have what it takes, and can follow my rules and conditions, contact me through forums or in Lunarforce. I will help you get a full set, level, and quest. I have a very high level sorcerer that will be leading the team, and I am mostly looking for mages either sorcerers or druids that are skilled and proficient in this vocation.

My Experience: I have been playing tibia for 13+~ years ever since I was 9 years old. I am now 22 turning 23. I have been in many wars, I have been commanding guilds and teams for 9 years, I have lost a lot of wars, and have won a lot, so I am very experienced and good at what I do. I have played on many great teams as well, and have seen enough PvP and War in Tibia to take Command and do great things with the team I am with.

What We Are Doing Now: I have a very high level character on Lunarforce I will keep secret so the trolls that will swarm this forums will not know it, and come annoy me. I am building a Website for the official team that will have forums, video page, pictures page, techniques page, tips and tricks, quest help, general chat, things you like about tibia, other players, hunteds lists, friends lists, and there will be competitions and achievements through the team that can you earn you great things within the ranks, rank itself, and and items in the game, or possibly secrets. I will also be developing a live stream through twitch and another site and implement it into the website, as well as setting up a Youtube for recorded PvP, War, Guild Activity, and other things for Tibia. I am very serious about making a powerful, strong, dedicated tibia team, and I am very supportive, honest, and trustworthy, my team and friends above any other. I am not greedy, and we are not developing a greedy team, but a team of strength, unity, focus, and power. There will be a lot of trolls that will come swarm this thread, and as you will see it will be the usual trolls, but if you haven't figured it out like I have, these players have nothing better going on in life, and must be a sad, jealous individual, and that's okay, eventually people grow up. If you are interested, contact me, I am on everyday until I start school again.

Contact Information: Lunarforce = Black Magic \ Slow Magic
Shadowcores = Fixate
Email Address = [email protected]