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Rekteria - Not another typical real map


Jan 25, 2011
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What is Rekteria?
It's a new concept for a real map server, yes another real map server, everyone had fun playing cip's tibia at some point, but we don't have the time nor the old friends to play it anymore, so we decided to bring an experience as close as Cipsoft game, most real map servers now days are based on old data and the new quests are heavily improvised and not even close to the real thing.

Who's behind Rekteria?
We're a team of friends that played real tibia for a long time, we have end game characters 800+, we've already cloned many quests from 2015 updates up to 2020, with accurate mechanics and quest logs (Of course removing the boring none sense access parts).

Small example: Part of feaster of souls quest, The Thaian appears differently depending on your quest status), plus accurate transcripts.
[1] Library bosses mechanics - [2] Heart of destruction mechanics and quest log.
How long we been in development?
Rekteria had been in development for 6 months, we have all the content up to 2020, we even invested in a new AAC not only for Rekteria but to be released to the community, you can have a look at rekteria.net, it's based on Hati AAC (Node.js, React.js) We believe that Hati is a step in the right direction towards moving to new technologies so we sponsored the creator for some time to develop it further, but unfortunately he's not motivated as much as he used to be but hopefully he will be back, till then we're pushing forward with it on our own.
We've chosen to run client 10 along side client 12, but keep developing client 10 further to handle new modules from the new client ex: (charms, daily reward etc..) with dll injection.
Some players prefer to use client 10 over 12 for fps issues and botting, not to mention that client 12 have bots as well, so we've decided to keep them both and add what's missing to 10, and yes we're aware of the bot drama that's why 2 hours of botting on client 10 is 10min of hunting on 12, to close the gap we'll lower the rates on 10.

What do we need?
Currently the development is slow due to some members leaving, so the below roles are available:
C++ developer (mainly handling modifications to the engine and adding new features)

Web developer (Node.js, React.js)

Unfortunately due to the lack of funding and the huge amount spent to reach this point, we can only offer an NDA contract for a cut of the profits generated from running the project.

Feel free to join our discord server if you're interested to see more https://discord.gg/m8SSSaPzs8

Thanks for reading,
kind regards.
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