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[Rules] Please Read!

Scarlet Ayleid

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Jul 7, 2007
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From this day forth, all new data packs must obey the following rules:
  • Thread Name: It is now mandatory to include the client version of the data pack
Valid Thread Names:
"[8.6] TFS Data Pack" - For version 8.6 only​
"[8.6-] TFS Data Pack" - For versions 8.6 and below​
"[8.6+] TFS Data Pack" - For versions 8.6 and above​
"[8.6-8.9] TFS Data Pack" - For versions 8.6 to 8.9​
If you don't know if your pack supports more then one version, just write the one you know that it works​

  • Download Content: The download must only contain:
The data folder​
A possible mods folder​
A possible docs folder (in case you want to give some documentation, all files must be .txt)​
You have to attach the files to the thread.
Any thread that does not follow these new rules will not be accepted!

I will leave this thread open in case anyone has more suggestions, but this is not a discussion thread, so keep it to a minimum or PM me
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Please make sure to read this and understand before you make a new thread
Maybe include [0.2] or [0.3], to tell the users which TFS distribution to use.