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Running tfs issue on MacOS Build


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Apr 2, 2024
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Hey guys! I'm pretty new here, so I'm gonna be really quick on this:
I'm trying to build TFS on my Mac OS for a quick test and I'm having some issues. I've followed all steps and configured the server properly, but unfortunately, it isn't working as intended. It builds on all steps, after the make, but when it's supposed to run, all it returns to me are those lines:

❯ ./tfs
The Forgotten Server - Version 1.5

Compiled with Clang version 15.0.0 (clang-1500.3.9.4)
Compiled on Apr  1 2024 22:39:48 for platform unknown
Linked with LuaJIT 2.1.1710088188 for Lua support

A server developed by The Forgotten Server Team
Visit our forum for updates, support, and resources: https://otland.net/.

>> Loading config
>> Loading RSA key
libc++abi: terminating
[1]    22327 abort      ./tfs

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at this part, because it was supposed to run normally, I've configured MySQL, PHP, Apache, phpMyAdmin and all the LAMP stack on my end, everything is working fine (including the configured databases), but it seems that even after the build was supposed to work fine, it isn't working. I tried searching a lot on the web, but I didn't found anything work mentioning in the web. Can someone give me a help to solve this issue?
Oh... So it's better if I compile it on windows instead of compiling from scratch on my MacOS (Now that I've already finished compiling it successfully after three days fighting with LAMP)?