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Erikas Kontenis

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Jul 3, 2009
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Its been a while since I haven't been in OTLand that active as before. So let me introduce myself once again and the project that I am currently developing :)

About me:
I started to play Tibia probably back in the 2004 and somewhere in the 2008 as a curious boy I have found Open Tibia while the XML servers and OTFans were still a thing. Undoubtedly, my experience in to Tibia knowledge and OT development are more than advanced despite of that I was absolutely inactive past several years. Also, back in my OTLand active age I was working with the Rohan-OTS and Camual project if someone remembers that. Furthermore, in real life I am C# developer with quite solid experience in distributed systems development. I have very well knowledge of process management and development in general. In daily life I am working with hundreds of microservices which has advanced logging and are highly monitored. Where in each of the microservice a variety of different technologies are applied, different data storing solutions and different programming patterns are used.

About Sabrehaven:
Probably I have started to work on Sabrehaven already a half year ago. I have took the newest master branch of TFS then some nice real map data packs and Cipsoft leaked resources. And started to work on the 7.8 implementation based on the leaked Cipsoft resources which is a great fun and brings an amazing memories for me. Currently, the Sabrehaven is fully finished and bug-free 7.8 server based on the original Cipsoft resources, however the current goal is to implement the 7.9 support and features. And probably continue upgrading the server protocol support based on the newest Tibia versions. However, the sad part of the story is that the Sabrehaven has a very low player base and I am very bad at understanding what people love and according which criteria the people chooses to play a server.

Who I am looking for:
An ideal candidate would have such skills which I am looking for
  • Understanding of what current open tibia player is willing to find in a server.
  • Decent knowledge in Open Tibia development.
  • Knows how to use GIT. (I use gitlab private repository)
  • Has some spare time for Open Tibia development and is willing to be dedicated on the Sabrehaven development.
  • Or is willing to learn a lot because I am definitely willing to share the best practices of the development.

Resources about Sabrehaven: