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Search for Programmers for new OTS 8.6 Evo and Rl


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Dec 8, 2022
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Hi, I'm looking for a crew to build and help run a new Ots.

we plan to spend a lot of money on its development, I haven't had contact with Tibia for a long time but I'm coming back!

Want to be part of this project and help me build ots from 0? Write what you could do.
I can help you regarding:

1) compiling and setup
2) solving bugs and errors
3) new system implementation and customization in the core gameplay settings
4) setup on a linux server protected from ddos attacks and highly secured
5) implement custom ot client modules and new features (wings,aura,animations) there is much more but that gives the idea behind it

Add me on discord to discuss it further : Carcoo#2914