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Suggestion Server Gala improvements

Danger II

Nov 21, 2012
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I am aware that people cannot be active all day and night. I understand that it may take some time for a thread to be approved, and I acknowledge that my first thread on Friday did not follow the rules. This was my mistake, and I take full responsibility. However, I did not receive any notification as to why my thread was rejected.

I had to rewrite some parts of my new thread yesterday to ensure that it is accurate and follows all the rules. Today is Sunday, and while I am okay with some delay, I would like to stress that Otland is a significant advertising platform to attract a large number of players to your server. These players may have jobs and other responsibilities, so they may not be able to check the forum every day, especially on weekdays. Therefore, it is crucial to use every hour of the seven days available to maximize the potential.

It is frustrating to wait for approval or rejection without any notification or section to check the status of my thread. Poor communication can turn seven days into three, which can be a problem. Writing a thread is not a simple task and takes a lot of time for some people. Not being approved would mean rewriting everything just because of a few missing words in a thousand. It would be helpful if we were given the chance to correct our mistakes instead of having our threads rejected and deleted.

Some ideas:
  1. Provide regular updates on the status of threads, including whether they have been approved or rejected and why. This will keep people informed and reduce frustration and confusion.
  2. Offer a forum section where people can ask for feedback from mods on their threads before submitting them. This will help them identify any potential issues and make improvements before their thread is rejected.
  3. Provide resources, such as templates or examples (I know we have a READ BEFORE POSTING-thread), to help people create high-quality threads that follow all the rules. This will make it easier for them to create effective threads that are more likely to be approved.
  4. Encourage people to be patient and understanding when waiting for their threads to be approved. This could include sending out reminders about the importance of being respectful and patient with forum moderators and administrators. Maybe some kind of area where you can check a status of a thread?
  5. An option to expedite thread approval could be made available to premium members
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Could highly agree that server gala needs improvements in terms of approval quality. I have posted my thread Tuesday evening and still have no clue what is the status of the thread. So, either the board needs more moderators or the thread approve access needs a tweak to be allowed to public post for premium users or removing the need of approving at all.