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Setting up a basic server to play alone?


Sep 9, 2023
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After missing and dreaming of Tibia for years, I figured that today's lack of fitting OTs might prevent me from ever getting to play my favorite game again, which has been a great sorrow. But recently I started thinking that maybe I could set up my own OT for myself to play on.
In the past I've just checked the basic lists of OT servers, and I was never aware of the existence of this site and what's going on here. Now that I've found it, I have some new-found hope.
The problem is that I don't have the first clue about anything even remotely related to coding and all that. Quite frankly, I am completely useless at anything technical that goes beyond following a detailed step-by-step guide that assumes no prior knowledge (which sadly doesn't seem to be the case in any of the guides and stuff I've come across on this site).

What I am looking for is a basic 7.4 OT, just the full real map and everything it includes, with no changes to it being necessary. Back when I played OTs a lot, for a while every other server was a basic 7.4 (or perhaps some other versions) real map. So, I figured there's plenty of those floating around and that maybe it's sort of a plug and play scenario; just download and play it, and for simple changes like rates go change a number in some notepad. Considering all the rocket science I come across in literally every thread here, it seems to be an awful lot more complicated than that, which is quite confusing to me.
I'm looking to play alone, so I don't need the whole server part for people to play on, just the client. But perhaps setting up a OT always involves having the entire server, with the game itself sort of being built into it rather than into the tibia.exe file?

I suppose what I'm wondering is if it's at all feasible to just set up a world to play on, without having to do any coding or whatever it all is. I can't put into words how badly I want to have a functional Tibia world to play in by myself, and if there's any even remotely realistic way for me to achieve that, I am desperate to find that way.
Does every OT really have to be built from scratch? Can't some ready-made OT be transferred to me without the need for all these programs?
All I want is a 7.4 world with multi-client (which I'm guessing is easy to add with just replacing the .exe file or something, as that was done a lot in the past for regular players like me), any other changes to it are optional. Rates would be great to be able to change, but anything beyond that is a bonus, and quite frankly I'd be just fine even playing on basic 1x rates (would provide me with a reason to live for the next year or so, which is sorely needed lol) and perhaps even on another oldschool version. Although I'd be quite sad if I had to play one where wands and all that had been added, as it's not the kind of Tibia experience I desire so strongly, but if it was the only option it's still Tibia (when it was still sort of Tibia and not an entirely new game yet) and I could even settle for that if I had to, if it meant I got to play. Multi-client is the only thing I can't do without, for training and manasitting purposes. But the client being 7.4 (or perhaps older) and being able to change the rates a tiny bit would be so fantastic and I wish I could just buy that as a game or something.

I would so greatly appreciate any response that doesn't mention a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that I won't understand (or links me to some of it that isn't basically made for toddlers to be able to use). Just some replies to my queries would do, to enlighten me on if this can be done, with some pointers to the easiest ways, and what's possible or not. I don't know. I just want to play 7.4 single player Tibia, and the one post I found from a guy with basically the same wish as me had him referred to the introduction thing that might as well have been a recruitment post for NASA. Please, help me. And I'm really sorry if this is quite annoying and something you guys get a lot, or the wrong place to ask, or not something you help with at all. I just don't know what to do.

I want to have a functional basic 7.4 OT to play on entirely alone without the need for online connectivity, but I don't know the first thing about all the coding stuff, and it's impossible for me to figure it out even with the guides. Is there a way for me to make this dream happen?
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Ah, right, so that was the thread where I read that you have to be able to edit the binary stuff to change rates. All this looking around is turning it all into a blur at this point, I won't be able to find anything when I actually need it, haha.
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Alright, so, after fighting my way through a lot of problems and confusion I have managed to install a VM with Ubuntu in it, and I have downloaded the OT files and put them all in a folder there like I'm supposed to. The next step is to execute commands that begin the install, but when I run commands nothing seems to happen. I put in the command and press enter and the terminal goes away, but I see no signs of the OT installing anywhere. How do I resolve this?
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u may get a better response replying in that thread itself. but i can say i had to install several other terminal software in the meanwhile. u can find those in ubuntu software app. idk after awhile they stop working for some reason.
u may get a better response replying in that thread itself. but i can say i had to install several other terminal software in the meanwhile. u can find those in ubuntu software app. idk after awhile they stop working for some reason.

That sounds really awful and concerning, especially when it's hard to find proper information about my problem with the commands - it's easier to find solutions when you have actual errors. But thanks for the fast reply, I will try the other thread and hope for luck. Otherwise maybe I'll manage to get ahold of a friend who uses Ubuntu and maybe they can help me fix it.
maybe u forgot something like give permissions just go over the steps again

There was an early step with giving permissions. It was also a command, and the same thing happened then, but I figured that it must have worked without showing anything, and if it didn't work maybe it's okay because it sounded like an optional thing. If it was necessary I will do it again once I know how to make the commands work, but it's sort of a catch 22 scenario if I need to use a command to make commands work xD
I found the problem. The place where I tried to execute the commands wasn't correct, even though the box said "Run a Command". But when I try to open the real terminal, nothing happens. So turns out that's broken too and I'm back to square one again lol
u right click cursor on the folder with all files and left click "open in terminal"?

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I tried that now, nothing happened. But I got a response from SilverFern that might have solved it. I installed version 22.04.3 of Ubuntu, and apparently it's very important that it's specifically version 22.04.2, the one it's been proven to work on. So I will reinstall to that version and hope that will fix it.

Edit: If you know how to find the right version, please let me know, because I'm struggling to do so.
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