Some few tips before open a server


Nov 17, 2017
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Hi all. I had some problems when started my project and i've been learning during the process. I'll be sharing some suggestions i could learn here
Learn GIT
Seriously. Is not that hard to learn and it saves you lot of time, you can do something and safely back to last change if something breaks.

Also is a good way to manage changes on dedicated/vps, you can work on your localhost and send it to there and pull that change. Also there are some webhooks who you can use to avoid pull from dedicated/vps

There are tons of guides/videos about GIT on Internet. Take your time to learn, practice. Even a basic knowledge about GIT it would be enough i'd suggest you to focus on the following:
  • How to push
  • How to pull
  • How to solve conflicts when a pull fails
  • How to work with branches
Do logs about everything
I mean file log, in case of crash every mysql things will be lost so it would be good to do logs about your common and uncommon player/server actions. Just to compensate them in a fair way. I'd suggest log the following:
  • Level up
  • Skill up
  • Player takes item (quest)
  • Player trade item
  • Player gain exp

Useful info: I have used this as a base: CreatureEvent - Trade logs to build all my logs.

Pro: In case of crash, you can see what happened that time. So you will give a better answer to players who lost something.

Cons: Lot of log saves at same time could lag the server, so you have to keep a balance. Of course, if you could use threaded logs with C++ it would be even better

Crashes may appear, be ready for them
Be prepared to get crashes at some time, i'd suggest you to learn how to get a crashlog on your dedicated/vps OS. If you are using Linux, gdb it would be a great option. If you get the crashlog it will be easier to find the crash reason

Before get a dedicated/vps
  • Be sure they have ddos protection
  • Be sure they offer good support.
  • Ask for suggestions at some place
This guide will be updated