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It's private group created by popular brazilian leakers

Stop saying shit and read what otacademy admins said about that they deleted sprites channel when leakers started abusing it
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Good job @Alpha and @zbizu
OTA my balls bro any screenshot from that shitty server always contains the word drama, they keep living the drama and trying to believe they are preventing it 🤣 + i said the truth i downloaded em from OTA 🤷‍♂️ And i think OTA is responsible for the leaked sprites being known between OT fans because you can share anything Without being reviewed, in the case of huge server (not huge at all its huge because tibia players few) you should be aware of how things on your channels are being known fast.
Because only drama related stuff is leaking out from OTA to OTLand, our happy life there is fine on daily basis, whenever something happens idiots start rushing to OTLand.
Shit, this is how it works then :p now I understand.

Apologizes, Forgive my impulsive reply ^^
@Alpha are you a child? xD
its funny you said you downloaded these sprites from ota [what op posted] while being banned in otacademy for threathening few ot owners you will leak their stuff lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and now you are asking admins if they can unban you XD what a camelhead go clean some pyramids or something


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More sprites in attachement enjoy
i don't get it what is the problem when i want to rejoin i really don't get it.

@Alpha You need to learn some concepts men keep for life.
thanks for the marketing btw, now I have more service for the next two months, love u.
No you don't. Now you have less sales cause what people wanted was distributed for free and now your work is associated with leaks, not really customer friendly.
Im glad you like my portals edit
I started learning pixel art this year you know
but most important, Im learning how people like you need to prove all the time that you can't do nothing like this by your own.
thanks for the marketing btw, now I have more service for the next two months, love u.
Cipsoft asking for sprites, answer him
Where is the leaks that idiot Alpha talking about? i love you guys i swear you give me good vibes watching you burning, ask kasteria owner what did i tell him after decrypting his files and your tries to make me share them are all false because i won't leak the data i have to public or even private this data is stored to be used as reference in much bigger work and this is all i can say to such a clown

you guys of OTA keep sending messages discord/otland asking me for the decrypted files OR the decrypter i created and in public you guys trying to show how good you are, stop being double faced and face the truth with the real one.

Here is the files and no one is getting access to them :) + i have more 11 server in another folder
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