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[SWE]Feragon Online Full Rl MAP And Customized [24/7][8.54/55]


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Jan 19, 2010
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Ip: Feragon.no-ip.org
Version: 8.54 AND 8.55
Protocol: 7171

Welcome to Feragon Online!


To create an account go to the website and there you can create your new account and character, plus do not forget to download our great personalized customer to play; D

* **********

Basic Information:

EXP Levels:

1 to 50 (x150)
51 - 100 (75x)
101 - 150 (50x)
151 - 200 (25x)
201 - 250 (15x)
251 - 300 (8x)
301 + (5x)

Skills: 35x
Magic: 25x
Loot: 2.5x

**** **********

Game Info:

- Unlimited Ammo for Paladin!
- Damage stability for the Knight!
- Rods / wand do more damage to the Druids / Sorcerer!
- Items For Addons!
- A lot of hard quests and fun to do with your friends!
- and more
************************************************** **********
Server Info

We are a serious server and new.
Ever wanted to be one of the best players? Now is your chance! Come and play Feragon Online; D

We'll be updating constantly!, Any reports or suggestions will be appreciated: P, to report something just enter the page and section of bug tracker; D

See you soon
Feragon Online Staff

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