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[Sweden] [8.60] Ghost-Ot | PVPE - RPG | Fully Custom Evo | Tuesday 25/08/2020 18:00 CEST

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GOD Coke

Nov 25, 2015
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Dominican Republic
~Ip~: Ghost-Ot.Se
~Port~: 7171

~Client~: Tibia 8.60
~Uptime~: 24/7
~Hosted in~: Sweden on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection.
~Website~: Ghost-Ot.se
~Exp rate~: x600
~Map~: Custom, Ghost-Ot
~Runes~: Normal charges and prices
~Loot rate~: 10x
~Server type~: PvpE.
~Skills & Magic rates~: 35x Skill and 20x Magic.

More Features:

["Cast System"]
to open cast use /cast on
to close your cast use /cast off
when make ./cast on you will recieved 20% bonus exp.
["Daily Task System"]
Daily task system working perfectly. how does it work when you get login there's a text will appear in server log that you should use to know which daily tasks list available for you By useing "!dailytask list"
where i can claim my daily task reward there's a status in temple have an effect. click on it and claim your reward as crystal coins and 5 premium points daily.
["Monster Level"]
Monster level is working as normal which monster are [L.1] not have an monster level.
Up to [L.1] per 1 level more in monster are give 0.35% more experience and 0.25% damage more.
We've balanced monster level's and exp stages.
["Brutal System Only For Weapons"]
Brutal system is only working on weapons not in others items.
We've created only 1 brutal system right now, brutal token is added to your weapons [Brutal Item] and added to your weapon 2.5X more attackspeed in the Weapon that got [Brutal Item]
["PvP Mode"]
When you create an character you will be PvP Enabled. so you have all features and attack each other and joining all event's
We've publish pvp scroll in shop offer so you can change your PvP Mode to Disabled. so you can't get attacked from any players. and you will be blocked of some of event's.
We've added a limit time on the scroll per use its take 2 days to can use it again.
["Crep Token Shop & CT Shop"]
Alot of people asks where i can find a crep token?.
Crep token you will find it in your backpack while you kill an people.
i collect alot of crep token so i need to exchange it for crep token coin in webpage?
so you have to go to the npc and exchange all your crep token in-game for crep token coin. in webpage.
where i can find the npc?
in the city of north , west of ghost temple in 2nd floor and then enter harber city NPC "Bilbo".
["Exp Stages"]
From level 1 to 50 = 600X
From Level 51 to 80 = 500X
From Level 81 to 150 = 450X
From Level 151 to 180 = 400X
From Level 181 to 225 = 350X
From Level 500 To 550 = 10X
From Level 701 To 1500 = 0.4X
["Second Promotion"]
Now you can make second promoted by useing promotion doll.
From master sorecerer to [Alchemist] New spells&hits&+35%critical chance&gain more MP
From Elder druid to [Biochemist] New spells&hits&+35%critical chance&gain more MP
From Royal Paladin to [Alchemist] New spells&hits&+35%critical chance&gain more HP
From Elite knight to [Gladiator] New spells&hits&+35%critical chance&gain more HP
["Party Shared Exp && P.Hunting"]
P.Hunting you can't enter P.Hunting untill you get on a party shared exp with 4 diffrent vocation.
Party Shared Exp If you are in a party with four(4) vocations you will receive 2X experience in shared exp. An animated text is sent to every player on party every 10 seconds. For More Info
Party Shared Exp
["Private Spawn"]
Private Spawn has a duration of 12 hours of hunting which starts to count when you enter to zone. When time left you will get an exhaust of 5 hours, you will need to wait that time until go to private hunting zone again.
Private Spawn book There is an item called private spawn book which can make you skip the 5 hours exhaust, you can get it on our store. For More Info
Private Spawn
["Box System"]
Box System working while you trying to kill an like more than 10X monster then the monster dropped snowman click on it you will get respawned like 5X monster..
Box System Is a best successful system in ghost it's unsuccessful for botting.
["Orb System"]
Orb System is a system which when monster get killed dropped an teleport.
What is give when step on it It's give you Bonus experience,damage,speed.
["Refill Stamina In Online Training Monk"]
How i can gain stamina fast you will earn stamina by step on the training spot.
when i step on the training spot in 3 min of stepping in the training spot = +1 minute "Stamina".
["Mining System]
Mining System Is a stone that you have to pick it by the pick item so you can get from it an mining stones.
What Is Mining Stone Mining stone is a stone you can collect it by picked the mining stone pick up. and you can exchange these mining stone for some items. for more info.
Mining Stone
Where i can find the mining stone You can find it somewhere in ghost city and in harber city and in bosses spots.
["Harber City"]
Harber City Harber city contain alot of new features "Bilbo" Npc which exchange the crep token to CT Coin.
Hidden Hunting Yes, harber city has alot of hidden monster and bosses on it.
["Daily Events"]
Daily Events
Lms Events Every 45 Minutes
Bosses Events Every 1 Hours
Zombie Event, Hosted by staff member.
["Friday Event's"]
Exp Event EveryFriday.
Friday Event Guild Tournmanet.
Rush Event.
There's alot of event's will be hosted by our staff team.
Don't forget to like our facebook page and share our facebook post to recieve Your Points Code.
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