Scripter Team of two looking to expand. Several projects (10.98)


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Nov 12, 2021
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Simply put, I am looking for someone with a little experience in scripting and or programming. Right now there is only me and one great mapper in our team. And we both would like to expand outwards as a team for a much bigger challenge, and of course for the challenging overall journey.
** If you are no scripter nor programmer and still wish to have a role in this team&projects, send me a pm**

Several projects going on currently, so hit me up in PM here and we can talk further. Important: We need that creativity to peak at all times! So as a team I expect to see everyone contribute in some way possible (wanna code? Sure. Wanna map? Do it. Wanna work with web? Lets go)..,
Thinking loudly of new ideas and concepts with one another, which we may turn into practical. Remember to have fun, but keep it mind: no pain no gain lol. Nah but for real remember to kickback and relax cause we dont want anyone burning up.

ps. Communication.
We have chats setup for the projects so we easily can keep track of our current goal and whats up next.

Info regarding hosting of servers:
** All servers will be hosted on AWS (Amazon) when it is time. Other services related to the OT as well. ** Testing stage is getting closer in one of the projects, so might as well mention that we will use AWS during all of our testing stages too and not only for the release - in all projects.

PM me if you have any questions and or want more details on the subject. Thanks!