text coming above it's head when cast spell


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Apr 7, 2019
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TFS 1.2 Hi, so some of the servers have this when you cast a spell lets say Energy Wave the orange text comes up above player with text Energy Wave right? So i have this same stuff, i found it on otland and modified it so when you cast spell like this lets say Energy Wave dgfrgdfgdfg text above player comes up Energy Wave "dgfrgdfgdfg but now i have an issue with it :D so i have craft runes npc and i have rune called Energy Wave Rune so when i try to cast it, it calls it as a spell called Energy Wave "Rune.
So probably solution would be that you could add your custom tags in your name only if you use this \/
Spell Name
"whatever text i want
and not like this
Spell Name whatever text i want

Not sure which code part to send here. Cant remember where it was edited in source