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[TFS 1.2] Tibia 11 analysers

gudan garam

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Feb 13, 2011
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Hello otland people.

During the end of last year I spent some time working on some stuff for tibia version 11 and since I no longer have time to work on it (nor do I have time to launch a server), I'd like to release it for the community.

Keep in mind: this code is not well tested, I'm not a c++ expert so this code is not perfect, this code doesn't follow the coding standard for tfs eventhough I tried to keep it clean.

I would highly suggest you guys compiling it for windows and linux to ensure its stability as I had no time to do so. Also I didn't test every possible scenario for the analysers (eventhough at the time I thought it was pretty stable) so it would be great if you guys did that before pushing this to a live server.

I'll be collecting code change from a lot of different commits to make this post so if I miss something just use your imagination or let me know if you can't find a solution for what is missing and I'll check it when I have time.

I've created a open repo on github so I don't have to write every code and the location where to put it.

I still have a feel things such as daily reward and an optmization on the counting of players items (used to show the items count on action bar). I'll post thoose when I have more free time.

As a gratification I'd love to have people who actually know c++ point out things that could've been better on my code. This was done a couple months ago so I already know somethings that I could've done better while moving the code to this new repository, but I'm open for criticism and suggestions, eventhough I'm not using C++ at work right now, I always want to get better at it.

* I did not compile this code before commiting it to this repository, I simply took the changes from a lot of different commits I made at the time and pushed it. Please, help each other if there are compiling issues.

I'm away from the community so I have no idea if this is something new for you guys or not.

I used otx (idk which version, 3.6 maybe?) as a base to develop this feature, so there maybe issues if you want to implement this same code on vanilla tfs.