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OTClient TFS 1.5 8.60 Downgrade - Can't log into my server


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Nov 24, 2017
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Win10 LTSC x64
Tried UniServer and XAMPP, same results, that might rule this out
Server console says nothing is wrong1694994273642.png
Tried client versions - 8.6, 8.61 and 8.62, still persists

I have ran out of ideas, any thoughts are appreciated :)

use the computer ip instead of local ip

i mean check your computer network adapter and check who is the ip of your computer something like etc

then use this ip in server and client

to check the ip of your computer u can use netstat command in cmd ignore the : port forwarding and use the ip instead

in my case is so i use

at least the character list its showed in client?, or nothing?
Nothing, but it has this weird behavior, when I close the server and try to connect it, it hangs on the Your character list..., but when its open, it immediately throws me the 200002, so I guess it finds the server but the connection is refused? similar to 401/403 HTTP
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at least the character list its showed in client?, or nothing?, try connect with OTC or OTCv8
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