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TFS - Tibia Client


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May 26, 2018
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Hello there,

I've searched bunch of topics but I am still lost in it.
Can you guys please tell me more about client?

I got a domain and VPS on OVH. Compiled engine on my own, I've created a database and set up ZnoteAAC.
Server is running, the page is working but I can't log in.

I do not want to use OTClient. Instead of it I'd like to use official cipsoft client but with changed IP.
I got 12.64 client and change the webservice using

So I got questions:
  • Saw some login.php scripts... it is needed for specified versions of TFS?
  • Can I use official 12.64 with only changed IP (found this https://github.com/opentibiabr/client-editor)?
  • Why OTClient do not have 11+ versions? It is always 10.xx with "boosted" sprites and .dat?

I know there are many topics but I couldn't find clear knowledge.
I will really apperciate your help