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Team The lost team (5 members) (Team Search)

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Once upon a time.
Jul 16, 2016
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I've been doing some things on this community for a while and will prob continue for knowledge but. I want to get a Clean project up with a team.
So, I'll be looking for one for a real map project which will be 12 series.

This project will be clean,
Q: What do you mean with clean?
A: A clean package, means that I won't allow any other than "normal" looking streets and/or rainbow city. (Custom city, redesigned and houses added everywhere). It'll be well made and no teleports for fast hunting.

In the team we have:
1. Me, Keppa. (Map designer/Website responsible) Location: Sweden
2. Searching (Web Developer)
3. Searching (Developer/Client Editor)
4. Searching (Developer/Client Editor)
5. Searching (Photoshop professional/Sprite Designer)

Servers that will be up:
1. Europe (Focus/Start)
2. US
3. BR
They'll be connected thru one client.

What do you need?
A. Knowledge/Developer Skills
B. loyalty and no childish behavior

If you want to contact me, do it thru:
A. Discord: Keppa#2078
B. Otland (PM)

If any content stolen, credits will go to the creators of the work.
I hate taking away any credit and claiming it's my work if it's not.