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Mile Kitic

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Dec 8, 2017
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Hello Everyone,
I'm working as programmer for already 3 years, I've received message from my friend, He told me to create bot which is gonna to pass Battleye, thats not that easy, and I dont have enough skills to do it.
But I easily changed way and made Casino BOT which works through Pixels.
I improved my script a lot its almost not detectable cause im hiding from process with a little rootkit function that use virtual memory cache and not the hardware cache which cipsoft cant read.
Once I made that BOT, my friend dont even care about that so its staying in my PC for some time already.
and I'm interested to pass it to someone who is interested
I will show instructions and what you should have edited into your Tibia Settings.
Casino is not verry fast but its fine. It works fine and it can make to you profit.
Reason why I'm giving this away is that I dont have time to work on it (Casino).