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Tibia Ginius - Show-OFF


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Aug 16, 2015
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Tibia Ginius - SHOW OFF my Software​

An Essential Tool for OTTibia Server Developers

Tibia Ginius is a powerful and versatile tool developed to assist administrators and developers of private Tibia game servers. This tool integrates various essential functionalities that facilitate the creation, modification, and management of servers, making the process more efficient and accessible. Below, we explore some of the key features of Tibia Ginius.

Object Builder: The Object Builder is a feature that allows the creation and editing of objects within the Tibia server. This includes items, monsters, NPCs (non-player characters), and other elements that compose the game world. With the Object Builder, it's possible to define attributes, behaviors, and detailed properties of these objects, ensuring deep and unique customization for the server.

RME (Remere's Map Editor): RME (Remere's Map Editor) is a widely used tool for editing maps in Tibia. In Tibia Ginius, this feature allows developers to create, edit, and modify maps intuitively. The editor offers a user-friendly visual interface where it's possible to add terrains, buildings, pathways, and other geographical elements, shaping the game world according to the developer's vision.

RME Convert: The RME Convert feature is an extension of the map editor that facilitates the conversion of map formats. This is especially useful for developers working with different versions of Tibia or needing to adapt maps from other servers. RME Convert ensures that maps are compatible with the version of the server in use, saving time and effort in the manual conversion process.

Item Editor: The Item Editor is a tool dedicated to creating and modifying items within the game. With this feature, developers can define characteristics such as appearance, attributes, and effects of items. This includes weapons, armors, potions, and any other type of item found in the game. The Item Editor allows detailed customization, contributing to the creation of a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Server Management:

In addition to creation and editing functionalities, Tibia Ginius also offers tools for server management. This includes the ability to start and stop the server directly through the Tibia Ginius interface, facilitating server control. Additionally, it's possible to access server folders and files directly through the tool, allowing efficient management of server resources and settings.

Efficiency and Productivity: One of the main intentions behind the development of Tibia Ginius is to reduce the time spent searching for folders and icons on the computer. By integrating all these functionalities into a single interface, Tibia Ginius reduces the need to switch between multiple programs and windows. This not only saves time but also simplifies the workflow for developers, allowing them to focus on more creative and strategic aspects of server development.

Conclusion: Tibia Ginius is an indispensable tool for any developer or administrator of Tibia private servers. With its comprehensive and integrated functionalities, it simplifies the process of creating, modifying, and managing servers, allowing developers to focus on creating amazing gaming experiences. Whether you're a veteran or a beginner in Tibia server development, Tibia Ginius will certainly be a valuable addition to your toolkit, optimizing your time and effort.




thanks bye bye ^^​
Looks interesting but do you plan to release it? Is it open source or not?
why would anyone need it if you can just download all the tools by yourself
You just said it yourself? Not having to download all the individual tools which are spread across many forum posts & discord threads
You just said it yourself? Not having to download all the individual tools which are spread across many forum posts & discord threads
What? I don't think you understand what this tool does. It is not all-in-one editor. Its a window with bunch of buttons that open apps and folders that you already have on your computer.
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So the software prevents a lot of clicks, so the developer doesn't have to keep searching and can avoid having too many things open on the computer. This is to save time and increase efficiency. I talked to administrators of large OT servers, and they tested the tool and loved it. They found it to be much better.
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O que? Acho que você não entende o que essa ferramenta faz. Não é um editor completo. É uma janela com vários botões que abrem aplicativos e pastas que você já possui no seu computador.
The software comes with the tool and does not use resources from your computer. It comes from reliable and up-to-date sources.
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The intention is exactly that: to avoid having a mess on the computer and to gather everything in one place, using only a few clicks. A good program uses few clicks, so the developer doesn't get easily exhausted and has better performance in their development tasks.
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Você acabou de dizer isso sozinho? Não ter que baixar todas as ferramentas individuais que estão espalhadas por muitas postagens de fóruns e tópicos de discórdia
Someone thinking like me—finally an open mind!
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Looks interesting but do you plan to release it? Is it open source or not?
yes my friend ^^
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Nicely done! I can see how this can come in handy for the ones that are always searching for their programs and tools.
Personally, I've got everything neatly categorized in folders and the most important programs on my task bar, but if you want a minimalistic desktop and not that many apps in your task bar, this single entity could come in very handy. It's not how I started though, everything was all over, on different drives, in different folders..

I do use something that @oen432 mentioned "Fluent Search" but another program that also creates an "all-in search" on a single hotkey, eventually Fluent Search is very nice to have at all times and to take it into your workflows as it searches a lot of directories and the internet with better results than the standard search, probably also a bit faster but in general very cool app to have.

Although I am very lazy thus typing is something I do not wish to do when searching for things, thus this program would be perfect to have because you just use your mouse 😅 The app you are creating would be perfect focussed for OT development, I do believe if you generalize the language, more people will make use of it.
Personally, I've got everything neatly categorized in folders and the most important programs on my task bar
This is the way. Apps that I use 24/7 (Spotify, Thunderbird, Firefox, Discord) are pinned to my bar, apps that I launch from time to time are pinned to start menu and the projects I work with are categorized using VSCode workspaces which I can easily launch by pressing ALT+Spacebar to open Fluent Search, typing project name and hitting Enter. It takes less than 1 second.
Even my desktop is completely empty, not a single shortcut.
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I like the idea.
My life is chaos and so is my PC so I won't use it but the idea is great
Great tool! It would be very interesting to have options in Portuguese and English. It would be fantastic to help the OTLand community! Congratulations on your work!