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Aug 30, 2020
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Welcome to AdNauseumOT

We at Adnauseum are aiming to create a serious, longliving server with plenty to enjoy, bringing some of the fun back into tibia that may have been lost along the way.

Our aim is to have a serious server, with competitive rates to keep your feet on the ground.

We have staged EXP
0-100 - x3
100+ - x2

Unique Systems;
We have a very beneficial quest points system, enabling numerous advantages from completing quests for example, enabling passages to certain areas, aswell as alot more exciting features.
Aswell as that, we have some new unique summon additions for you to check out!
We have a crafting system ingame, aswell as randomised item rarity loot chances. Not only that, all monsters have a chance of dropping 'suprise' bags containing items.
Fully working GrizzlyAdams task npc. Tasks based on level of your character.

We have a hunting spot area, designed to make travelling to & from spawns 100x easier, with areas divided into the different Cities.

Plenty of custom experiences to come when playing AdNauseumOT, aswell as an old school feel to gameplay.

Please come along and see for yourself.

website - adnauseumot.duckdns.org

Many Thanks
AdNauseumOT Staff.