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[USA] [Custom/10.98] - World Reborn OT

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Oct 26, 2008
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About Us...

World Reborn Ot! is a server made to fulfill all your expectations. But what make us different from the others Ot Servers? We are not here for business purpose, this is a team project started by tibia players FOR tibia players, to enjoy the best time playing the game we all love, and of course there are donations but the only purpose of donations is to maintain the Server Online 24/7!! and all the donations items can be obtained in game with reborn coins. There are lots of adventures waiting for you, so what are you waiting, come and join us!!

Server Info:


Port: 7171

Client Version: Custom otClientv8 10.98

Web Page: www.worldrebornot.com

Server Official Launch: 5/8/2020

Currently starting as a new server that wants to stay online for a long time.

You can check our website for new changes.

Map Info:

- RL Tibia map with otherworld and new cool features!

- All main quests are working 100%

-Quests Without Missions (POI, Inquisition)

- Cities: Thais, Carlin, Venore, Kazordoon,

Ab'Dendriel, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Ankrahmun,

Darashia, Edron, Svargrond, Yalahar, Farmine, Gray Beach,

Roshamuul, Rathleton, Krailos, and more comming...


-Custom Client that comes with CaveBot Integrated and lot of features.

-New Spawns

-New Custom Quests

-New Depots

-New Npc system Via Bank

-New Critical Boost System

- Autoloot System

- Autorefill System for Pallys

- Magic Shop System (buy potions and runes from anywhere)

- Ammo Shop System (buy ammo from anywhere)

- Tp System (Go to a list of 100+ Respawns with a simple command)

- Advanced Promotions (Alchemist, Biochemist, Sniper, Gladiator) with new spells

- Reborn Coins System (Get coins from monster to buy donation items)

-New Potions

-War Antientrosa


-Capture the Flag

-Last Man Standing Event

-Zoombie Event

-The Coolest Items

-And more coming...

Server exp x200 Stages

Magic rate: 10x

Skill rate: 40x

Loot rate x5

Spawn rate x3

Come and Join us at World Reborn Ot Server!!

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