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Apr 10, 2010
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Hello dear friends:

In my experience, being a player is more funny than being a GOD, but sometimes you need the GOD to put some things in order. So you have to login as player, then as god and viceversa, making it very boring. I have the solution for this problem. With this talkaction you can turn your God into Player and then can turn this player into GOD again. You only have to say with god "/godplayer on" and you will turn into normal Player (with god outfit), so people can even kill you (people will do, believe me). Then you can turn back into GOD by saying "/godplayer off".

Benefits of this talkaction:

  • Enjoy your ot with your God (when you are /godplayer on, you can die, lose experience, level up, skill up, and all that a normal player can do).
  • GOD will not suck anymore.
  • Players in your OT can see you as equal. Humble people are the biggest one, so you will be a better member of your ot.
  • You can have adventures with your players, make quests, etc. If you are tired of being a player, just say /godplay off and you will turn into GOD again.


  • Some players will think you are edited, even if you are not.
  • Killing GODs is very funny, so people will attack you, surely.

Well dear friends, this is the talkaction, tested in TFS 8.6 (I have not tested in any other version). Is very easy to set up.

In talkactions.xml put this:

<talkaction words="/godplayer;!godplayer" event="script" value="godplayer.lua"/>

Then in folder data/talkactions/scripts put a file called godplayer.lua and copy this code inside:

function onSay(cid, words, param)
local storage = 121212
local staff = getPlayerGroupId(cid)   
local storage1 = getPlayerStorageValue(cid,storage)
if(param == "") then
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "Command param required.")
elseif getPlayerGroupId(cid) >= 2 and param == "on" then
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "You are a PLAYER now. Enjoy!")

elseif storage1 >= 2 and param == "off" then
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "You are a GOD now.")

elseif (getPlayerGroupId(cid) >= 2 and param == "off") or (storage1 >= 2 and param == "off") then
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "You are already a player.")
doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "Only staff members can use this command.")
Well, this is all my humble colaboration. Have fun dear friends. Hail Tibia!