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what do you think about evolera no p2w just for fun ?


Jan 12, 2019
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i'm an old player of evolera, So Today, I'd like to introduce you to our reworked favorite server evolera; we've been working on it for the past two weeks, aiming to fix known bugs and add new features, feel free to leave feedback.

* Client info
- 8.60 custom client

What is our server's most recent development?
  • Gaining experience is now more difficult, making the game more enjoyable to play.
  • Rework player description to include [Talent Damage, Talent Health or Mana, Talent Left Points (Only display for you)].
  • ammunition slots have been added to the last two sets, Heaven Set and Soul Set.
  • Fire Storm, Zombie, Dota, Snowball, and CTF Events have all been added.
  • Added a daily reward chest that contains gns and pvp tools as para and protection, as well as evolera loyalty points.
  • The dodge system and critical system have been added, and they operate properly with their effects, such as death and onbuy.
  • On the look, I've added a kill count. You may now view how many times your opponent has been killed.
  • Added a new item that grants 30 days of premium and another that grants 5 days.
  • Added a new scroll that provides 5 days of automated aol/blessing in addition to the 30 day book that was previously available.
  • Added a reward chest for the boss.
  • On depots, anti-clean/trash was included.
  • Change the damage and healing amounts to Percentage.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters wouldn't walk over corpses.

*new commands have been added
-!mutespells, which removes the orange spell text from the screen.
- Remove the missile effects from the screen with!distanceeffect.
-!magiceffects removes all effects from the screen.
-!outfit opens the second outfit window.

*recently implemented new systems
  • anti-push max.
  • Added a new frag-based ranking system.
  • Added a new online point system to help players in buying items from Juarez [Donator Npc Seller].
+ You have received 2 Evolera loyalty point for being online for 30 minutes. You can trade them with Juarez. Current stock: [159].
- New package outfit system:
+ There are 25 new outfits in the outfit area, with 5 different outfit packages each award [2 talent points + 0.50% protection all + 1% dodge].

* What is the premium's benefit?
  • Monsters and pvp will grant you 50% more experience.
  • Instead of 1 evolera loyalty point, you will receive 2 evolera loyalty points.
  • Every day, you will receive a daily reward chest that will provide you with a variety of essential items.
  • Items for decorating can be bought from npc Chuckles.

* Some screenshots
none is interested about evolera anymore?, i'm just looking for feedbacks :D
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