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What "killed" RL Tibia for YOU?

I didn't understand a shit of what you said, honestly.
I'm sorry you don't understand
I'll put it more succinctly
listen for me it destroyed tibia
that in the old tibia you didn't use hotkeys
just everything manually and it was very cool

I don't like the spell effects, do you understand?
And not only spells

at some time they changed dmg
of characters which also affected the game

I hope that now you understand me
I've always said it, Cip being passive against the biggest problems in the game and implementing half-assed "fixes" / ignoring problems for a long time / ignoring long-time players and listening to noobs instead:

  • Oh, we have one of the biggest botting problem in any MMO? Sure, we'll just ignore it for whole decade, as long as those cheaters are paying customers we don't care.
  • People are aimbotting? Easy, we just remove manual aiming!
  • Death penalty makes noobs upset? Now death has no consequences!
  • Noobs die to luring? Implement half-assed poofing system
  • Noobs die to roped monsters? Now you can't rope monsters!
  • People are using bots to train? Now everyone can auto-train!

...etc etc etc
this would be the one

the part about all of this that REALLY sucks is the fucking char bazaar
like they really said "what if we took this game-ruining problem and made it commonplace?" :|

that being said, I do still play solidera and have participated in merking a lvl 1k but like fuck
For me: Auto hotkeys, shooting runes with keys automatically on target and spells cooldown.