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Compiling Windows 10, compiling tfs 1.3


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Nov 17, 2010
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Okay I thought this was going to be easy but.. holy

I'm following this tutorial, but literally stuck on the second step

Download/install Visual Studio 2019 Community (compiler)

After downloading.. during setup there's like 17 different workloads and like 100+ individual components.

What am I supposed to install? Because nothing says 'compiler'..

I'd install them all.. but I don't have that much diskspace. lmao

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Well, looking at other people posting issues, I think I only need to install 'Desktop development with C++'

Here's hoping it works. xD
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Alright, so I think it worked properly?

Some additional things I did..

I downloaded the source code into a different folder instead of into the vcpkg directory

I couldn't get the libraries installed on step 4, got some weird error.
Had to add ./ in front of the rest of the copy-paste.
Seems to have worked? 🤷‍♀️

and when trying to compile.. I was missing some sort of lua.hpp file..

Basically had to go through a rabbit hole to fix this lmao.

Idk what the issue was..

But I went

Project -> Properties -> C/C++ -> General -> (first line, Additional Include Directories) Clicked on the box beside it, and like.. reconfirmed the directory that was already there? idk
The directory was C:\vcpkg\packages\luajit_x64-windows\include

and then everything just magically worked and build succeeded.

I guess it's compiled.. but no idea wtf to do now.

Honestly, I feel bad for every person who has to go through this.
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