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    It's recommended you hold ctrl and scroll down to max (zooms out) before you start viewing unless you have a huge screen. Some pictures are pretty big. After you're done you can hold ctrl and press 0 on your keyboard to restore it.

    Vitruvian 'Murican


    ...hanging next to his faked Time Magazine Cover

    Actual Photoshop job
    Before: https://i.imgur.com/Wy3kKQt.jpg
    After: [​IMG]

    At least Soviet's fake moonlanding would have been more spectacular

    Ivanka Trump with the ideal beauty

    Pepe went p-p-pe-pe when this bad boy came back – The internet is only big enough for one frog

    Giant Golfer

    Clean coal

    Gave up on updating this picture long time ago

    Christiano Ronaldo statue

    Dotonbori Hotel

    Artificial Baby Suit (made it by cutting pieces of fabric together in PS)
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