Yaszevo OT Project


Nov 26, 2014
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I've been trying to create an OT project for almost 5 years, always had some vision of cool simple EVO server but whenever I started I dropped it after few months, not this time though..
I'm kinda doing this project alone (got a friend that helps me with coding sometimes & otland community aswell! ❤) also I'm a self-taught so it takes me a while to create a working piece of code :D

Nevertheless after a chunk of time I managed to create "something" that is slowly getting better.
Still I need more maps, systems and experience so the project is in alpha stage.

Main goal of server:
1. Simplicity - Yep, personally for me this point is quite important, because whenever I started to play some evo servers out there I felt like I need a month to just get to know with all the systems, not mentioning that wikis were looking like essay. To sum it up:
-No craftings, herbalisms, chemistry or any other of this stuff.
-No equipment upgradings to +50^10.
-No rebirths nor vocation promotions.
Simple guide with few steps to understand mechanism of server, thats all.
2. PVPE/PVP/RPG content, I want the server to be targeted for all type of players, these who like pvp and those that like discovering and solving puzzles, though they all will find something entertaining.
3. Vocation balance is top priority as well, still there will be 4 default proffesions but every each of them can adjust their statistisc like they wish to so u can be either a tank, a dmg dealer or even both if u play it smart :)
4. No P2W, only few unique cosmetics will be available in shop.
5. No resets, only one edition that will be constantly updated with new content every week or so.

The main mechanism
The main system is called Treasures, u can get a treasure point for almost anything. Completing a quest, doing a daily task, slaying a boss or just by discovering spawns or cities.
Upon getting a treasure point u can locate it into damage increase, healing increase or bonus health & mana.
(Ngl evolunia system was a big inspiration)


After locating ur points into one of three options u can't reset it in fight, spawn or a quest, it is only possible to resets your stats in temple so add it wisely.
U can check ur stats either by a command or just double click on urself or a player. U can compare ur treasure points to ur enemy to check if u stood a chance against him.
Allthough there are more informations showed, like player immunity which is basically reworked protection all, critical damage & chance or unlocked addons & mounts to flex around people and more!


Other useful informations:
1. Main city is Thais, its reworked and has it own secrets to discover.
2. Custom exp stages with levels up to 5k
3. Bot is allowed so cavebotting, healing and stuff like that is ALLOWED, we have less time to play manually these days so boring grinding is reduceded to minimum. However there will be areas where cavebotting is prohibited so u can get more experience there if u like to.
4. Custom spells, monsters and items sprites.
5. Server will be hosted in Europe.
6. Custom quests and few reworked with own mechanics like ferumbras ascendant quest.
7. Every monster has unique HP & DMG, no flat and same statistisc.
8. Community will rule the server, if something needs a rework, rebalance or anything, it will be done, also every idea will be considered.
9. And more, this is still in ALPHA stage.

Share your thoughts and post some ideas u would like to see. Would you give it a try?
I will continue on this project and keep you up in this thread.

PS: I'm looking for testers and potential crew, feel free to message me.
Pardona me my english grammar :D
Much love, Liqeen