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Yellow highlight sometimes counterproductive?


Collapser Zulu Creator
Jun 14, 2007
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Purchasing the yellow highlight may definitely helps a server stand out more when it is grouped next to non-highlighted servers, however when many highlighted servers are grouped next to eachother -- it feels, to me at least, that it actually decreases the visibility of the server.
In these cases, visually, it may prove to better not to purchase the highlight at all, as a non highlighted server will stand out more if grouped together with highlighted servers.

Possibly alternating the highlighted color that is used can help solve this, which is something done for readability in many spreadsheets.

Feel free to discuss or ignore :)
I’ve wondered about this before as well. I assumed the extra “points” added to highlighted servers made up for it regardless but it can seem a bit counterproductive if you’ve got a highlighted server clumped with 7-8 others.

Well in my opinion it kind of has both things.
You get less visibility, but regardless a highlight server can tell the viewers (possible players) that u are actually worrying about your server and it will not be a 1 month server (in most cases, some not lol).
2. Is adding a server to the list free of charge?
Yes, however, we require owners of the most populated servers to buy a yellow highlight. Servers which have at least 500 players aren't displayed on the list if they don't have the yellow highlight active.

So if you want to be visible on otservlist past 500 players, you need a yellow highlight, else you will be hidden from the list.

Below 500 players, your server will stand out among non-highlights.