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  1. alkurius

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    I think it is due to some difference in the spr / dat / otb ... I tried it with the OTclient that I uploaded and it works 100% for me since I made sure they were the same ..
  2. alkurius

    [8.6] Alkurius Infinity WAR (Beta).. TFS 1.3

    This server uses only a custom version of tibia 8.6… (OTC) I am happy to present to you the beta version of the Alkurius Infinity WAR server. server special content: A whole continent of expansion with 7 new cities was added to a map of version 8.6. more than 300 types of different and...
  3. alkurius

    [TFS 1.3] - Need help creating a spell

    local combat = COMBAT_FIREDAMAGE local disteffect = CONST_ANI_FIRE local effect1 = CONST_ME_HITBYFIRE --fuerte local effect2 = CONST_ME_FIREAREA --medio local effect3 = CONST_ME_FIREATTACK --bajo area1 = createCombatArea({ {0, 1, 0}, {1, 3, 1}, {0, 1, 0} }) area2 = createCombatArea({...
  4. alkurius

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    try i will fix this error in future update.. in the case #2 you can say.... "hi DJANNI'HAH" 1618077352 currently i work in an Expansión versión.... Rook -> Main -> Hard Main. ~1400 new items. + 350 New Monsters New Runes New Quest i will fix all this error and implement the...
  5. alkurius

    Harry Potter Sprites - FREE

    i cant open... i think the dat="4B1E2CAA" spr="4B1E2C87" are coustom. can you pass the version.xml file that is in your object builder ?
  6. alkurius

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    try to edit data/states.lua one of the parameter is to disable.
  7. alkurius

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    Why are you saying that it doesn't work? What errors are presented to you?
  8. alkurius

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    At the moment I am working on a project based on Alkurius 8.6 ... but with an expansion to a new dimension. coming soon 1615512497 Is some action un titles.. the script that calculare the total of ítems Is worng..
  9. alkurius

    OTserver vs. OMServer

    To open the discussion I want to clarify that OTserver means Open Tibia Server and OMServer I call Open Medivia Server. Introduction In particular, I got to play the game around from 2002 to 2006 when the game was cool ... without so many things. I remember that the simplicity of the game was...
  10. alkurius

    Alkurius Extractor - Spirtes on GFX

    I share my scripts (C# .NET) to extract the sprites from gfx files .. each one has very different structures .. only tested in 2 gfx. See all the spirites in: Alkurius/Sprites (https://github.com/Alkurius/Sprites) if anyone knows how to unpack a data.bin from a server please PM i need help hehe
  11. alkurius

    Trying to open a .gfx file (Zezenia)

    in C# public static Image GetSpriteZezenia(string file, int spriteId) // From TibiaAPI { #region variables Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(1,1); UInt32 sprites = 0; UInt16 width = 0; UInt16 height = 0...
  12. alkurius

    +7800 sprite sorted (Items and Outfits)

    +95% of cipsoft I'm sure hehehe
  13. alkurius

    +7800 sprite sorted (Items and Outfits)

    I share with you an extract of all the pngs that I have collected over the years ... if you like the full version it is available in my ghit hub Sorted https://github.com/Alkurius/Tools Spr.zip
  14. alkurius

    Real Tibia 8.0 with 12+ sprites?

    I liked :D
  15. alkurius

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Alkurius Global & Coustom

    you can download the client in my github or in this post.