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  1. Blackstone

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V2

    I thought we all commonly decided to stop wondering about unusual incidents, decisions and events on this forum long time ago. My vote goes for #5, I really like the connection to the original squirrel we all love.
  2. Blackstone

    ༻》Welcome to Azakelis《༺

    Now we are talking. I am not sure about putting it underground but both maps now rely more on the mapping perspective. Keep it up.
  3. Blackstone

    Ravendawn - Development Thread

    So what exactly does look annoying? What is your feedback? From previous discussions I think the shaking effects can be lowered or even be deactivated. What else can be improved from your perspective? @TheOnlySilver I really enjoy every single small feature teaser and the team is always open to...
  4. Blackstone

    ༻》Welcome to Azakelis《༺

    Yeah, where are the other active projects on this board that are fully based on custom sprites and even using different color palettes? It's not about the use of different sprites overall. And if there are more, they should also reconsider posting on this board. This is something I would tell...
  5. Blackstone

    ༻》Welcome to Azakelis《༺

    For me this is more to present and tease the project rather then showing off mapping skills. This has almost nothing to do with tibia anymore which is good in another way but should not be located here. I really like some of the settings you created but that is mainly due to some very cool...
  6. Blackstone

    The white city

    I always like the overall structure of your city. But even though you are now using some additional sprites, it all stays the same kind of stuff we see everytime. You have shown new combinations which are nice but that's all that has changed. Many sprites and colors do not match each other. You...
  7. Blackstone

    The State of OTLand and TFS (my opinion) - April Fools

    I think we can even pick up on this. Give me a moment and I will share my thoughts.
  8. Blackstone


    I believe there is no more floors left. I like it. But again the grass is a little over the top.
  9. Blackstone

    Nutopia - Discussion Thread

    To host a server in Australia is a big downer. Unluckily most of us won't be able to play the server smoothly. However, from a feature perspective it seems promising. Good luck with the project. Cheers
  10. Blackstone

    [9.6] Rising Continents - Release

    It's an older version of the map and not available anymore. Therefore it was put to the graveyard. A newer but also not finished release can be found here: Newer Release Cheers
  11. Blackstone

    Do you think thats their real player amount number? ( EZODUS )

    By looking at the online players it shows over 1000 players that are exactly level 20. Some of those have very similar names. And also in previous online periods they never dropped below the almost same numbers of players daily without a difference on the actual day of the week. I would be...
  12. Blackstone

    The Unknown | Mapping Thread

    I did not like the scenery in the lava environment very much. For me this is more like a hunting place rather than a good setting. However, it works well like that as it is and does not require changes if you consider it "a game only". The last setting is very cool though. Even though the...
  13. Blackstone

    Andreew's showoff

    Nice one, keep them coming my friend!
  14. Blackstone


    I think the TP areas are amazing man. Good job over all! However, the building itself should also be exceptional. In my opinion it does the job but the areas inside could be set in scene a little better :) Way too much grass and bordering for my taste. This is a rich and amazing city and not...