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  1. Eduardo170

    CoronaVirus- What's your status?

    In Venezuela we are fine.(PD: I'm dead)
  2. Eduardo170

    *NEW* Zombie Event [TFS 1.x]

    try with -- Store player kills if zombieKillCount == nil then zombieKillCount = {} end -- Zombie Variables ze_zombieName = "Zombie Event" -- Zombie name ze_timeToStartInvasion = 30 -- When should the first zombie be summoned [seconds] ze_zombieSpawnInerval = 5 -- The interval of each...
  3. Eduardo170

    *NEW* Zombie Event [TFS 1.x]

    It is a magical effect that it sends out when you create a zombie, and it not compatible with 8.6. I solved this and send you later.
  4. Eduardo170

    How to make a good balance?

    You can use these two scripts for know DPS, otland.net/threads/dps-script-tfs-1-2.263475 otland.net/threads/training-dummy-with-dps-calculation.263659
  5. Eduardo170

    C++ Nekiro's 8.6 .exe with faster diagonal steps

    I compiled x64 bits with latest updates in data packs, you need update your datapack.
  6. Eduardo170

    TFS 1.X+ Promotion bug TFS 1.3

    In Support Board, you cant offered money, rules forbid it, hope someone can help you with problem.
  7. Eduardo170

    TFS 1.X+ Bless work incorrect TFS 1.2

    Do you have a clean data pack of TFS 1.3?.
  8. Eduardo170

    [RevScripts][1.3] Anomaly - Other world boss

  9. Eduardo170

    TFS 1.X+ Bless work incorrect TFS 1.2

    All scripts of TFS 1.2, work in TFS 1.3. I had TFS 1.2 and now I use TFS 1.3
  10. Eduardo170

    [TFS 1.3][Revscript]I search a script of lever that teleport to 2 teams, change colors of your outfit

    local arenaConfig = { players = { -- posições que os players devem ficar ao puxar a alavanca teamBlack = { Position(33395,32661,6), Position(33395,32661,6), Position(33395,32661,6), Position(33395,32661,6) }...
  11. Eduardo170

    GlobalEvent [1.3] Metin Stone Event - Full auto

    This script dont work correctly in TFS 1.3, and less in TFS 1.2. [Warning - Monster::Monster] Unknown event name: StonesThink_Event monsters is trying to find script with that name "StonesThink_Event" and doesnt exist.