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    Rare, Epic and Legendary Loot Rolls

    This sytem has been released here: https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-x-rarity-rolls-custom-attributes-library.268888/ The only thing missing is the forge functionality... Forge: Here it is: globalevents.xml (Get forge/anvil items on map position and convert them to 1 slot containers) add...
  2. Leo32

    Spell [TFS 1.X] Shove

    look at spells.xml in the main post, did you add a vocation or did you leave it as ....?
  3. Leo32

    [TFS 1.X] Rarity Rolls & Custom Attributes Library

    rolls are done using a simple new function: https://github.com/Leo32onGIT/forgottenserver/blob/rarity-custom-attributes/data/lib/core/attributes.lua#L833 so you can add this to quests chests by adding a line to that chest's code, to roll the item: here is an example, a quest chest that gives...
  4. Leo32

    Lua TFS1.3 Life/Mana Leech makes the USER lose mana/hp against players

    actually, the more that i think about it the likely issue is the DAMAGETYPE being wrong because of whatever he has done to the script. put print(damage .. damagetype .. secondaryDamage .. secondaryType .. origin) on the end of the mana/healthchange parts of the script and see if youre missing a...
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    OT Server for Public Library

    hell yea bruthur
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    [TFS 1.X] Give player items by table

    here is a slight alternative: different reward depending on voc if knight, it checks your highest melee skill first to give you right type of weapon it doesn't take into consideration promotions as it was for an rpg server, didn't have em you can edit that bit yourself ;) function...
  7. Leo32

    [TFS 1.X] Flash Client + ACC Maker (Dev Environment)

    if you want to recreate this in the future, you could simply install an older version of chrome/firefox looking back at this thread, something that isn't clear in first post: the minimap does not work. never did
  8. Leo32

    I am depressed

    degenerate weeb or sisyphus which way western man
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    [TFS 1.X] Rarity Rolls & Custom Attributes Library

    Need to change these lines: https://github.com/Leo32onGIT/forgottenserver/blob/rarity-custom-attributes/data/creaturescripts/scripts/attributes.lua#L355 to scan for quiver and get ammo and return different ammoSlot in the line below: local ammoSlot = XXXXXXX
  10. Leo32

    [TFS 1.X] Flash Client + ACC Maker (Dev Environment)

    the files located in the flash-bin folder are the complete compiled .SWF binaries and the associated config files: https://github.com/Leo32onGIT/forgottenserver-flash-accmaker/tree/master/flash-regular-bin
  11. Leo32

    Vocation Adjustments Incoming

    utamo changes, bloodrage and exura max vita for eds, its a mess quiver bugs typical to something you'd see in the support board on this forum cipsoft staff don't play their game, hilarious taking a sledgehammer to their own game
  12. Leo32

    Feature [TFS 1.x] Freez System.. (Freezing rune)

    for 1.2+ just use the stun condition from my shield bash spell: https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-x-shield-bash.268433/ The spell itself handled the dizzy/drunk animation bit, so the condition itself has the same function as 'freeze', or 'root' as it stops the player/monster from moving. use a...