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News about OpenTibia.

The Forgotten Server 1.4

Almost 5 years after TFS 1.2 was released, we are happy to announce the immediate release of The Forgotten Server 1.4!

This release still targets 10.98 client protocol version, yet introduces countless features, bug fixes and improvements over 1.2.

Specific highlights include:
  • Improved...


  • tfs-v1.4-ubuntu-clang-Release-luajit.zip
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  • tfs-v1.4-macos-clang-Release-luajit.zip
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  • tfs-v1.4-windows-msvc-Release-luajit.zip
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Important news

Dear Otlanders,

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that we have decided to shut down Otland due to the lack of interest in our TFS engine. We understand that the Canary engine has taken over the scene with its active development and incredible coding, and we have decided to hand...

OTS Guide - open source documentation and guide for newcomers

Hello everyone,

Our OpenTibia community is 12 years old now and a lot has changed. Over the years, a lot of resources have been released, tutorials posted and different OTS engines (distributions) created.

This makes it increasingly hard for a lot of folks, whether newcomers or not, to...

When will TFS 1.4 be released?

Bountysource ToS change

Yesterday, Bountysource sent out an email to their users about a change to their Terms of Service.

We have previously used Bountysource for bounties posted for the otland/forgottenserver repository. There is a number of open bounties that are also older than 2 years and per the...

Moving forward

OTLand is an open-source community, and there is nothing wrong with the people who run servers and make money from that, running a server is not essentially free and takes a lot of effort. The problem is when people use free resources such as The Forgotten Server and don't give anything back to...

The Forgotten Server 1.2

This release has been long overdue, but it's finally time to announce the immediate availability of The Forgotten Server version 1.2.

The highlights of this release are:
The release also includes...

The Forgotten Server 1.1

Announcing the immediate availability of The Forgotten Server version 1.1.

The highlights of this release are:
  • Game protocol 10.77
  • Non-blocking SQL queries
  • Full utilization of creature and item userdata, with backwards compatibility in compat.lua
  • Extended item attribute...

The Forgotten Server 1.0

It has been almost eight years since the first alpha release of The Forgotten Server, and today I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of The Forgotten Server 1.0. I would like to begin by saying thanks to the people who have made this possible with their significant technical...

A new BETA version of Remere's Map Editor 3.0 is available!

Remere has posted a link to a new BETA version of Remere's Map Editor on his Twitter. It supports 9.4, 9.5 and is ready for 9.6 when it's released. A new feature in this BETA is the find and replace dialog.

Help testing it so we can have a flawless 3.0 release!

Download link...
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The Forgotten Server 0.2.12 and 0.3.7-preview released!

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
After almost three years of development, we, The Forgotten Server developers are ready to present a preview release of the long awaited 0.3.7. It's not the gold release of 0.3.7 because we want it to be tested by the community first...

TFS Staff request new mappers!

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
Since the start of the new default map for TFS there have been a few changes in the content team, Clinten left as early as the first week and Peroxide left within a few weeks. Therefore our only mapper is searching for reinforcement to get the...​

0.2.11: 9.1 support, and a revised NPC system!

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
It has been over a half year since the last release in the 0.2 series, and it's finally time to release 0.2.11 which comes with support for Tibia protocol 9.1, the new mounts, a revised NPC system and a few bug fixes. Unfortunately, the Lua...​

The Forgotten Server map development!

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
As a lot of you TFS users might have thought about is that the map is rather old, therefore they assigned two new developers that could handle this. And there is where Siramix and Clinten gets on the board in TFS. Along with the other TFS...​

0.2.10: a bug-fix release, and a note to XAMPP users.

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
A new version of the 0.2 series has been released. This version is mostly a bug-fix release, and everyone using version 0.2.9 or older is advised to update. It fixes the annoying Lua script errors in the player death script and the NPC system...​

Modern AAC 1.0.2 Released

0.2.9: 8.7 support, with partly extended 0.3 compatibility in 0.2!

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
As mentioned in our last status update, we would try to deliver the release with 8.7 protocol support before Christmas and so we have. The 9th version of 0.2 was released earlier today with full 8.7 support which includes: a mount system...​

0.2.8: The first 8.62 distribution, also with LuaJIT. 8.7 support on the way!

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
The first 8.62 distribution was released two days ago, not only was it the first distribution to be released with 8.62 support, but also the first OpenTibia server that had LuaJIT support. LuaJIT is a Just-In-Time compiler for Lua. It comes...​

Modern AAC 2.0 - Coming Soon!

From Modern AAC development blog:
Another big update, of Modern AAC will be relased soon.

Again, before this relase, we ask you for this update's code name, and ideas for new features. If you would like to participate visit ours hosted project board here

Like always, new update...​

Withdrawing the release of The Forgotten Server 0.4a1

From The Forgotten Server development blog:
Due to a misunderstanding within The Forgotten Server development team that happened due inactivity of some developers so others forgot the milestones, the 0.4 Alpha 1 release is being withdrawn. We appreciate if it is not being redistributed...​

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