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News about OpenTibia.

The Forgotten Server 1.4

Almost 5 years after TFS 1.2 was released, we are happy to announce the immediate release of The Forgotten Server 1.4!

This release still targets 10.98 client protocol version, yet introduces countless features, bug fixes and improvements over 1.2.

Specific highlights include:
  • Improved...


  • tfs-v1.4-ubuntu-clang-Release-luajit.zip
    6.9 MB · Views: 147 · VirusTotal
  • tfs-v1.4-macos-clang-Release-luajit.zip
    6 MB · Views: 51 · VirusTotal
  • tfs-v1.4-windows-msvc-Release-luajit.zip
    6.2 MB · Views: 570 · VirusTotal