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    [Sweden] Gallowgard - 10.98

    It's closed?
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    [Canada] RealOTS 7.7 | 100% Cipsoft files [2 EU PROXIES] - Free Premium - No Lagg in europe

    Highly recommended for nostalgic gameplay seekers! Great community, no power abusers, even 5 players online they're all humans. Admins - we're waiting for some updates and new content! : >
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    Thanatos - [Custom] - Discussion

    I'm in for beta, hope it's very soon : >
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    HalfAway's Hosting Thread

    Just wOw! Recommended o/
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    World of Therran - Official Discussion Thread

    YES, YES! No map files, no wikias, no bots, amazing content, perfect game client, cool owners. I've been waiting for a server like Therran for few years and here it is. For sure I'm in! : >
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    Thanatos - [Custom] - Discussion

    It looks kool, so bad I can't join :Z
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    [Open BETA] World of Therran!

    Pssst, any news/updates? : >
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    [Open BETA] World of Therran!

    I'm missing beta and it's community too : >
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    [Netherlands] World of Andros | 10.41 | 100% Custom RPG Map | Dedicated Server

    Great server : > - NPC Soya - please add more items which can be selled [RL: Rashid, Alesar, Nah'Bob, Lailene, Alexander]. U can find proper files in RL 10.41 project here on Otland - NPC Eryn - please add more runes available to buy [RL: Rock In A Hard Place]; whats more he only buy wands... -...
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    [SWEDEN] Vanderlay 10.41 - Customs, RL Map

    My fellows - I have permban so if u need anything PM me here : > Goodluck with project and hugs for players ^.^ Vafan
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    [SWEDEN] Vanderlay 10.41 - Customs, RL Map

    Same with warzone bosses - U can w8 for their resp in their room and chest reward is bugged. Correct: You cannot obtain Elementalist Outfit [basic]. Npc's probably miss correct transcripts: I guess Spiky Staff Addon is not working here. Unlock: Esrik to trade zao items || New Frontier Quest...
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    [SWEDEN] Vanderlay 10.41 - Customs, RL Map

    Some bugs: Insectoid cells @ Hive are not working: The exhaust can be 1-2h here and goey masses are useable and can turn into: Deepling bosses resp time is like 2 min - it must be adjusted. Also it'd be a good idea to make every reward chest working with chance to get Tanjis' Sight, Obujos'...
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    [SWEDEN] Vanderlay 10.41 - Customs, RL Map

    @ Killix - U mean me [I'm without d fields] : D