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Recent content by MagicShadow

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    Another 'proposal' !

    Ladies and gentleman im making a propose to Shadowcores,Lunarforce server. Make Marriage system ! Gm see this.
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    Poll ! Please make this Talaturen !

    I think Talaturen should make a new server ! WAR SERVER ! Make char's 1/1 ( no acc manager actually make like team from antica and team from other world and it random sends you to that team) you can't make ur own accs.. It would be good.. change map every 2-3 minutes, all at ur position and...
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    Valentine's day !

    Hello all, and happy Valentine's day.. I know some people don't care about it But I do.. Mark, or Hani, I want Heart Backpacks ! I can get it from Valentine on rl, but not here.. Make here too plx ! Happy Valentine's day to all !
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    Hello, i make up this thread because i want sugestions !!! What voc. should I be, i know paladin sux but is paladin good on this server? Gimme some sugestions plxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Equonix's lifethread !

    Hello all ! This is my lifethread ! Im going to post pictures from lvling, questing, and items ! Heres a pic of me ! OOO.OOOO IDK HOW BUT ON MY MAIL THIS : :OO !!!
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    Selling iBot scripts, any voc, any lvl, all have soft refill !

    iBot scripts, any voc, any lvl, all have soft refill !!!! Cheap, msg me in-game, Elder Benedikt !!!
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    Tibia Skin !

    I don't know did you got it, but im selling this skin for in-game cash or rl tibia cash ! it's cheap :)
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    Tibia Skin !

    Hello all ! Im selling the .pic file that JINXX got :) You know what im talking about. For Shadowcores or RL Tibia cash.. Cheap :) :)
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    Rl pics !

    BUMP ! Bring up my post !
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    Rl pics !

    Omg... STOP FIGHTING ! I NEED RL PICS ! Hehe, was a joke. Gogo, wheres fights ? HAha :P Best thread in history - started by MagicShadow ! HEHE :) - - - Updated - - - BUMP !
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    Rl pics !

    OMG !YOU are fighting for nothing.. guys really.. This is suposted to be rl pics thread, and not killemal monkeys and some shits pics.. Give real ones..This is most viewed thread and 5 star rated hahah.. Don't joke.
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    Hello :P

    It was mistake meto :P
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    Hello :P

    Hey all ! :P Tibia Shadowcores - YouTube ! Please take a look at this video. I know it sux but give it a try. Mark it 1-5 !
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    Rl pics !

    Fucking stop guys ! Omg.. You got the pictures or not?
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    Rl pics !

    Don't you guys fucking fight. I didn't make this thread for fight, I ment really. But you guys, don't have nothing else to do, except fight between each other. Bravo !