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  1. MatCollier

    Assets Editor 2.0

    @SpiderOT any chance you make this compatible with 64x64 sprites? I wasn't able to compile/do it myself, that's why I'm asking. Also, having a "Import Sprites in Batch" that gets every sprite inside the selected folder would be great.
  2. MatCollier

    How to use upscaled sprites (64x64 or bigger) in OTCv8

    @Erikas Kontenis something seems to be going wrong for me here. I just tried it, and after running npm run unpack-spr ./binary/Tibia.spr ./sprites/tibia, the result was a folder full of empty bmps. Maybe there's something to do with extended/transparency being enabled. Have you seen this happen...
  3. MatCollier

    Downgraded 13.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    Btw @Evil Puncker , which Item Editor should I use to edit this items.otb? Mine says it can't find a plugin to handle client version 63.
  4. MatCollier

    Downgraded 13.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    I'm having trouble with loading Outfits page from 1000 to 1099 on OB. Any known reason for that? Everything else loads perfectly Nvm, problem was the OB I was using.
  5. MatCollier

    Extended View TFS 1.4 OTCV8

    I believe that using regular otclient you don't need to do those changes on your source. It's much easier tbh. Try just changing the maxViewports on map.h:
  6. MatCollier

    Extended View TFS 1.4 OTCV8

    https://github.com/matheuscollier/forgottenserver/commit/5ccdda04a198c9875946ba15a6b7e73f9aed5bda Here it is. Just made the changes on this fork of the forgotten server. Tested and it's working fine for me, with otcv8. 1654731208 Worked for you @UberLerd ?
  7. MatCollier

    New Game 64x64

    Was this pack of programs 64x64 ever released? Seems awesome.
  8. MatCollier

    Extended View TFS 1.4 OTCV8

    So, after many many attempts, I finally figured it out: I had to implement the packet compression (you can find it on the otcv8 forgotten server source), and it solved everything. I had already made configs according to what I wanted on "VisibleDimension", "MapAwareRange" and default zoom...
  9. MatCollier

    Extended View TFS 1.4 OTCV8

    Hello @Watchdog87, I had the same problem and I kinda solved it following the commits from this last Oen Reply. There are still not as many tiles being seen as I want, and it seems like changing them on map.h has no effect. I'm still trying to figure it out. Will reply here if I succeed.
  10. MatCollier

    Solved Adding more tiles to game window - OTCv8

    So, I followed a lot of tutorials about adding new tiles to the game window. I made the required changes on my source. Currently using: static constexpr int32_t maxViewportX = 11 + 4; //min value: maxClientViewportX + 1 static constexpr int32_t maxViewportY = 11 + 4...
  11. MatCollier

    OTClient OTCLient v8; Screen; Extended

    Hello @dheikon , did you need the otcv8 sources to do this? Or is it possible to be done without the sources? The way I saw on the tutorial, I'd need to recompile it.
  12. MatCollier

    OpenTibia Tibia 11/12 Rcc Extractor

    Is there anyway I can make an rcc file with my pngs, after extracting and editing them? Thanks for the app!
  13. MatCollier

    Programmer Hire me on weekly basis

    Hey, Ezzz! Just sent you a PM, are you still looking for a job? Contact me on discord if possible: Griss#7377