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    Otclient module

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    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    Then you are just one step away from account creation on the website, all you need is front end, the easiest part. It all comes down to same thing, there is no reason at all to do that in the client.
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    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    If you are adding account creation because you don't want to use it on the website (god knows for what reason). Then it would be appropriate to add account management, like changing password, password recovery etc. That means you need better protections, you can't use something as simple as...
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    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    1. Account creation should NOT be in the client, not a single game does this for a reason. Also with your implementation it's very easy to abuse. 2. You can use whatever character name you desire, be it "God", "Admin", "GM XYZ", swear word etc. 3. No way to select character sex. 4. No way to...
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    Where should i install otcv8-dev libraries to compile?

    Then not like that. Use Resource Hacker to replace .exe icon. otclientv8-dev is not for use in a production, it's a Development Edition, meant to add new features, not to use it as a real client.
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    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V3

    You have to understand that this icon must be SCALABLE and out of these 3, #2 is the least. It loses details at lower resolution and looks like a messy blob, before original post was edited, these icons were scaled to 32x32px, which is for example the size of icons on Windows taskbar, and lets...
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    Where should i install otcv8-dev libraries to compile?

    I don't want to be rude but if you failed at such simple step then why would you even want to use it? I'm genuinely curious.
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    New: What song are you listening to thread

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    [Tool] OTUI Editor

    It's not usable. Currently no.
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    [FRANCE] [CUSTOM] SpiderOT | Remastered Fresh Era | June 15th 2021

    Looks like a website for MU Online private server lmao #Edit Yup, Heaven MU Online Game Website Template (https://mu.templstock.com/en/product/heaven-mu)
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    Alternatives to Paypal?

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    TFS 1.X+ How tf getSlotItem with self?

    You are trying to get backpack from ammunition slot, are you sure you have BP in that slot?
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    OTClient Any decent bot for OTclient?

    If you just want to use a bot then download normal OTClientv8 and use it. There is ready to use linux binary. https://github.com/OTCv8/otclientv8
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    Invitation only server?