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    Action Teleport Effects

    These names such These spells such jomuś but grazing: /
  2. qento

    [Tutorial] OTland avatars, the way I make mine

    Sonny colors on the window Aug. agree
  3. qento


    small you can not see anything t here is no exceptions here ...
  4. qento

    [Germany]TibiaSoft 7.60 <> RealMap <> Guild War System <> Party Shared System <> Extra Town >Gengia<

    which at 7.6 but only on invasions from another server, hm! not work
  5. qento

    World of Therran BETA

    My idea was to once only asking questions, but not enrolled in the ranks of your Administration, I watched ^> map story missing map marks and legends. prv
  6. qento

    Evolution server - searching for Testers

    Bump !
  7. qento

    need someone to install guild Wars tfs 0.3.6

    What will you do as I ask, again?
  8. qento

    Looking for testers

    What will you do as I ask! Do not give yourself a job? It does not matter but you'll pay for the tests ...
  9. qento

    Gamemaster That I have a job: work on the

    That I have a job: work on the principle of helping people learn PHP BB codes in the reminder. in total wants to talk to the communicator on facebook
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    [8.60] Evolera.pl EVOLUTION MEGA EDIT ! DO NOT COPY!

    Wymienie caly data pack v6 za acc makera !! mail : [email protected] kazdy zepsuty naprawie msg me Szukam administracji na nowego serva / osoby z dedykowanym serwerem msg me.
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    [Modern AAC] Problem With Gallery!

    me to gallery in modern acc dosent work ;/ plis upload gallery.php working :) REP+
  12. qento

    [Poland] Evolera [8.6] 9999x exp custom evo

    you are thieffff... i'm admin polish server EVOLERA.PL http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/6189/otslist.png omg... and nice noob exp ;d