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  1. rocamalo

    Some new(?) interesting info regarding Excalibug/Magic longsword!

    It is so interesting man! keep going!
  2. rocamalo

    Post your speedtest and chat about it!

    I pay 20 MB and i only get 16~18 :(! So sad
  3. rocamalo

    [7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)

    I'm having just so much FUN with this map! mainly cause im mexican and i unterstand every word! ROFL
  4. rocamalo

    Tutorial Running Cipsoft Server Files

    Can you release a tutorial on how to just view the map, what editor can i use? :D
  5. rocamalo

    Pokémon GO

    I just fucking spent 10 bucks because i always ran out of pokeballs! :( Any advices?
  6. rocamalo

    [7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)

    Do it please! :D
  7. rocamalo

    Request maps you need here!

    Yes! And this map is the closest thing we'll see of the entrance of WOW.
  8. rocamalo

    [7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)

    I just wanna explore the map how can i do it?
  9. rocamalo

    Pokémon GO

    I play too! But i just haven't the ideal weather on my town to go outside and catch pokemons! i just catched basic ones :(! At least i have a Pikachu and a Pidgeot xD!
  10. rocamalo

    Real Map 8.0

    Thanks, what distro could i use? @Danger II
  11. rocamalo

    Real Map 8.0

    I was wondering if anyone has a data pack real map 8.0 i'd really appreciate if you share it! Thanks!
  12. rocamalo

    [7.1] Tibiana is comming back - v2.0

    When are you opening this awesome server?
  13. rocamalo

    Is having a cast system essential in an otserver?

    It is not essential, but it if you have time to add it, it always improves the image of the server, you know, it makes it kinda cooler! ;)
  14. rocamalo

    Post your speedtest and chat about it!

    You fcking flying!
  15. rocamalo

    Graphic Designer A professional spriter looks for a job!

    I loved the spider! Nice work