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    Team Lost realm!

    WELCOME TO THE LOST REALM! Lost realm server is looking dedicated people who would like to help creating a 100% customized OTServer. Some features of the server: - Experience on damage - Tons of new spells - Custom MAP - Equipment Improving System (armors, shields, legs, helmet, weapons). You...
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    Dealing damage...

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    Team Close Change name and team!

    Signing for scripter position... MSN: [email protected] Cya
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    hello,npc vials

    Try this: keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) -- OTServ event handling functions start function onCreatureAppear(cid) npcHandler:onCreatureAppear(cid) end function onCreatureDisappear(cid)...
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    [8.4 TFS] Need script on amulet!

    If you leave the codes like this youll get 2 magic effects on the same place. function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local pos = {x=123, y=112, z=7} doSendMagicEffect(getPlayerPosition(cid), CONST_ME_GIFT_WRAPS) doTeleportThing(cid, pos, TRUE)...
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    The Forgotten Dev-Cpp v2.6!

    No... i can't compile ANY .dev file that come with the sources
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    Compiling Compiling The Forgotten Server latest source code - Last Update: 02/12/2010

    We need boost 1.37 or the v2.2 of the forgotten dev-cpp. Otherwise we wont be able to compile.
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    The Forgotten Dev-Cpp v2.6!

    Can't compile any version of the forgotten server with this Dev-CPP....
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    Team needed for Darkened Sky Ots

    I would like to be a Scripter. Any doubt please PM me
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    Scripter TriX RlMap LF Scriter

    I can be your scripter, but i don't have any 'ready to show' scripts, i can make you anyone you want. Santin
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    Weapon attack speed!!!!

    Hey dudes, i know i know, there is already in TFS 0.3 on items.xml the "attackSpeed" thing.. but the minimum delay is 500 i guess, so you can't become an "Assassin Cross" xD... Sooooo... Here is the thing: local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_BLOCKARMOR, 1)...
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    Increasing AnimatedText size...

    Hi.. I want to know if there is any way to increase the size of animated text (doSendAnimatedText), because it support only 9 characters i guess.. thanks
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    Function ifNumber(string)

    Can you be more specific plz?
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    Team Land of Death [LoD]

    Real Name: Diego Age: 17 What you want to be (mapper/scripter/action's): scripter (same as actions :P) Why you think we need you: because i think i can handle the job why you hope we chose you and not someone else: there is no reason, i just hope, hope is hope, you cant justify it :P MSN...
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    NPC Real addons 8.1 [TFS]

    I just edited it to fit in TFS.. i didnt write this script..