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  1. Varianek

    Compiling Request TFS 1.4 Downgrade 8.6 compile

    You need to go this github> click green button Code and download ZIP. You will have the files downloaded for compilation.
  2. Varianek

    [Gesior] Azura Layout

    Good 💪
  3. Varianek

    TFS 0.X Moveevents Teleport with exhaust

    Thank You Bro.
  4. Varianek

    TFS 0.X Moveevents Teleport with exhaust

    Hi, I need help with this script. I plan to add to this script exhaust but I don't know how add. The script teleport players to pos xyz. If player come back too soon This player must wait xx minutes. function onStepIn(cid, item, pos) local pos = {x=148, y=379, z=7}...
  5. Varianek

    TFS 0.4 Work Quest Log

    Hi, I would like to give you a configured quest log in client from my evo OTS (work TFS 0.4) Script use storage 2253,1 and you can see this quest1 Done quest chest (use script questsystem search in otland or system.lua in yourtfs/data/action/quest/system.lua) have 50080,1 storage but you can use...
  6. Varianek

    TFS 0.X Spells bugs

    Hi, I'm using SpellCreator to new spells. Spells work nice in ots but I have logs in tfs 0.4 tibia 8.60. Why? Where is the problem? [12:34:32.632] [Error - Spell Interface] [12:34:32.642] data/spells/scripts/attack/test1.lua [12:34:32.642] Description: [12:34:32.642] (luaSetCombatCondition)...
  7. Varianek

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    if I go player or god and stand in this floor id:11062 (all deposit in world) I have lag and relog. In game character is a Venore temple. 0 crash, 0 bug client and 0 log in tfs. Maybe deposit script but I decided to write such a detail because today download this tfs.
  8. Varianek

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    When I stand on: You see a glowing switch. Item ID: 11062 in Depo I have lag and relog to temple in Venore
  9. Varianek

    Lua effect x time to spawn boss

    Hi, I need this to spawn boss in the floor with acid 56321. Boss respawn 40 sec and When count down the time 11 I would like time effect in the floor: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0-Boom! This effect is good When player waiting in arena on monster. I was inspired by the command /y number.
  10. Varianek

    Create and remove npc lever to quest

  11. Varianek

    Create and remove npc lever to quest

    Hi, I don't know. Why this script no work? 8.6 local level = 365 local seconds = 30 local event = 0 local function reset(leverPos) local lever = getTileItemById(leverPos, 1946).uid doTransformItem(lever, 1945) doRemoveCreature(("Jack")...