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  1. vine96

    How Simplify this code?

    Hello everyone! I madding one script to upgrade the wands e rods, it is functional. I made using the storages, but... how i simplify this code, is possible? 1626417010 local min = 100 local max = 100 local storage = 722656 local aumento = 10 local function getMinDamage(level, magLevel)...
  2. vine96

    How simplify this code?

    thanks a loot mannn. I was 2 hours trying. I got close to that until.
  3. vine96

    How simplify this code?

    Hi there! My question is: how i simplify this code? My idea is use the "for" or "for each" to feed the array... but i how i resolve this? perda = 0 --porcentagem de perda do item sucesso = 75 --porcentagem de sucesso no upgrade local conf = {} conf["level"] = { [1] = {successParcent =...
  4. vine96

    Module tutorial don't pops up

    Hi otlanders! Recently i got the module tutorial's of the poketibia, but this don't pops up in my OTClient full extended poketibia. I share with you the screen of OTCLIENT Poketibia: I have the other OTclient more newest version, and working, button like pops up 100% I share screen with you...
  5. vine96

    OpenTibia [various] Tibia Extended Client Library

    yea i'm not active function manabar in config.ini but always debug when pressing ctrl + n
  6. vine96

    OpenTibia [various] Tibia Extended Client Library

    how fix debug when press ctrl + n?
  7. vine96

    Solved Error When Compiling TFS 0.3.6pl1 V5 in CodeBlocks

    omg thanks man you save my life <3
  8. vine96

    Compiling DSO missing from command line

    This error for me... anyone can help me? ='( BASE poketibia 8.54
  9. vine96

    [BRAZIL][8.60] Baiak Gaming starts 26th march 20:00 GMT -2

    texas full DDOS layer 7 protection 500gbs
  10. vine96

    [BRAZIL][8.60] Baiak Gaming starts 26th march 20:00 GMT -2

    Hello you old tibian or a nutella tibiano (new player), we are recruiting everyone! Do you want to remember the good moments of this game, in the best Retro PVP Hardcore style? Then I make you a proposal, come play on the server Baiak Gaming! We are almost 6 months online and this is going to...
  11. vine96

    Feature [TFS 1.0] Enable/Disable emoted spells on your character

    nice workkkk 100% works i love you heheh
  12. vine96

    [OTX] New Auto Loot Unlimited Edition 2.0

    Hi! Excelent script nice work, 100% workly for me! I'm developing other script with additional of this, but i need one "loop" works, in moment selling 1 item peer click... You can help me in script of spellwand seller item? I need that player with click on this spellwand and click on the...
  13. vine96

    Action [TFS 0.3.6-0.4] Item Seller v1.0

    It's possible to sell all loots of the item click? Example: after click on the mpa selling all counts the player having in bps
  14. vine96

    Action Updated Item Seller

    Hi! It's possible to click on the item if you selling and sell all counts? Example: If i have 100 magic plate armors after click on the spellwand and click in the mpa's selling all?