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    Our letter of resignation

    What is this madness? :o Well c ya around on discord I guess.
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    Our letter of resignation

    Sad, otland needs more people like you not fewer! Anyway gl with everything!
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    OtLand New Support Team Members!

    Great stuff! Congratulations!
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    Bad lag then kick

    Unstable network?
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    [sweden] warot 8.6| noobwar | custom map | beta | [START 01/27]

    lol level 1 pk? Then you might as well go afk while pking, wont be super interesting. :p
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    [France] Swev-v3 8.60 BACK! 25.01.2017 20:00 CET!!

    18:00 CET There is a big fucking countdown on the website? you noboko
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    [France] Swev-v3 8.60 BACK! 25.01.2017 20:00 CET!!

    The video gave me cancer. Wtf was that shit
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    Windows Ninjas Tfs 8.0

    Probably is some kind of message in console. Try to get that out and post here.
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    Cipsoft and its depression

    Unless it is single player ;)
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    Gaming Otlands Finest - Real Tibia Team on Verlana

    also intrested in this.
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    [FRANCE] Zestaria 7.4|HIGHRATE |With tasks!|Start: TODAY 18:00 CET

    This would be nice, if you removed the rl map part and with a little bit higher exp. But anyway gl with your project.