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  1. xinsanex

    OTU - OpenTibiaUnity - A new TibiaClient based on Unity3D engine

    Pretty amazing!!! keep up the good work !
  2. xinsanex

    Own Client (different look)

    Uhmmm im assuming both are using OTClient, if they are using it , it's somewhat simple , you just need to make changes to the layout under clientfolder\data\images in that path you should find every .png file of each component of the ui in otclient , if you want to replace the default one's ...
  3. xinsanex

    [Canada][11.98] Low-rate RPG Erpegia11 - starting 30.03!

    Gooddamn!!!!! i fell in love with that day/night cycle , really hated how players destroyed the ambient light within the game:( in tibia rl /otservers , in the server im helping, i like to put the ambient light client fixed at 15 , so torch/ambient light sources really have a reason to exist ...
  4. xinsanex

    [MX] DarkKonia [Custom Server]

    i miss this server :( , was my first tibia experience
  5. xinsanex

    Transparency + Extended Sprites in Otclient

    i managed to add the transparency + extended, everything seemed fine but... whenever i add new looktypes , from looktype 550+ and up, they didn't display in-game :( , every looktype past position 550(in outfits) appears like a "void" tile :/
  6. xinsanex

    Help with compiled OTCilent

    Sorry , may be a bit late but, did you manage to fix that? , and , mmmh btw , do you registered the variables enviroments for every sdk?
  7. xinsanex

    [USA] [8.6] LegendsWorld 100% CUSTOM RPG!! NEW SEASON START 02/15!!

    Well, i used to play a lot of korean's mmos , so im okay with the "grind" here , this games is nice, im just hit lvl 60 with my first character, as far as i played it i noticed pros and cons, but i like it , for me one of the cons is, the map , its mmmh idk if im a bit obsessive but, there's a...
  8. xinsanex

    custom spr/dat

    fixed it
  9. xinsanex

    custom spr/dat

    Hello, i have an issue with a custom otclient /data/spr , whenever i try to open it with object builder this appears : ArgumentError: The minimum value may not be greater than the maximum value. at nail.otlib.things::FrameDuration() at nail.otlib.things::ThingSerializer$/readSprites()...
  10. xinsanex

    Compiling Tibia spr /DAt

    Sorry about the necro post but, i have the same issue @Hashirama479 :(
  11. xinsanex

    Obd exporter

    I tried to find a thread about this tool here in otland, but failed , so , im gonna post this here because i think this is an amazing tool , ottools/OBDExporter (https://github.com/ottools/OBDExporter) How does it work? , well , in the program folder you're going to get an "input " folder , in...
  12. xinsanex

    [France] [7.72] [Nangijala RPG] [Custom Edited Yurots Map] START 2019-01-30 18.00 CET)

    i tried to download the client, but its 404 webpage:( , is there a way i can get it?
  13. xinsanex

    10.98 Dat/Spr/ItemsOTB on 8.60 ( otclient )

    Mmmh , hi , i dont know if this is what you're actually want , and i was looking for months for something like that until i've found this hub : ottools/OBDExporter so, what this thing does is , extract the items/effects/outfits , from client 10.98 to obd files, which you could open with the...
  14. xinsanex

    Servers this days

    sorry of bad english Good morning y'all Currently im working as a hobby in a custom project , we have been launched two years ago, but for reasons like this "the public you'll have is the tibia public and they'll be expecting something very close to tibia. If you deliver something different...
  15. xinsanex

    Set a key to enable/disable chat game

    Hi! , goodnight (from here at least) , i was wondering if there's a way to set a key to enable/disable chat ingame, i guess there is something about it in the game_interface and hotkeys manager , but i'll apreciate any help :c