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  1. M

    Lua Monster disappear after a minute

    0.4 Hello guys and good morning. I was trying to do some simple scripts, but one of them i can't solve. I want a script that, when the monster get created by doSummonCreature, it will disappear after a minute. I was trying to do by creaturescript and then use this in the monster.xml...
  2. potinho

    TFS 0.X [7.72] Craft System

    Good morning guys, I am trying to deploy a craft system on my server with NPC, however when I choose the item I want to craft, it gives the following error on the console. If you can help me make it work. NPC.XML <?xml version="1.0"?> <npc name="Drake" script="data/npc/scripts/drake.lua"...
  3. potinho

    TFS 0.X Vip Scroll - Increasing days

    Hello guys, I have a question: I have a functional script to add VIP days to a player, but when I use it I would like the days to be really added when I use a scroll, as it is, it is just replacing. If I use a 30 day scroll today and tomorrow I use a 10 day scroll, I would like to keep 40 days...
  4. W

    is there a function for that?

    I'm looking or if someone can help, I want a creaturescript or something like that when the player gets x storage he gets a benefit, for example - 10% damage or 10% more protection! if someone can give me a light i'm happy. I looked in the list of functions moon of tfs 0.4 but i didn't find...
  5. H

    Extended AddMagicEffect and ShottEffect

    Please extend my server and otx I don't know if otx2 or another hahaha, but there where the message Outputmessage should be NetworkMessage and if I change the error when compiling and something else and where is the addbytes it cannot change if not tbm the error when compiling someone to help please
  6. W

    TFS 0.X How Make runes 7.6 in 8.6 with charges function

    Hello everyone! I've been researching how to make the 8.6 runes look like the 7.4 and 7.6 runes, but I got it partially! as? = editing the .dat .spr and item.otb but the error is as follows! the charging system does not work! does not appear and in the item the number of loads he has! and when...
  7. Shalaby

    Solved Downgrading the TFS to lowest client

    Could someone explain how to downgrade the TFS 0.4 protocol? for example from 860 to 811 or lower and how the RSA works with the client? also, shall I change the definition.h file withProtocol::XTEA_encrypt
  8. M

    Lua NPC task

    0.4 Hello guys, I'm here to ask for a favor. To start, I have this npc's script, where it gives the player a task to do, like killing some amount of monsters, and it works perfectly, BUT i want something more. I was trying to do something like: If the player has a specific storage, the npc will...
  9. elnelson

    Lua [0.4] DPS meter

    i looked this post: Monster - Training Dummy with DPS calculation (https://otland.net/threads/training-dummy-with-dps-calculation.263659/) and would see a nice addition if someone could help me build this script, to be honest i donot have an idea how to calculate this. The main idea is to check...
  10. Lurk

    TFS 0.X Why is this statsChange calling stack overflow?

    I'm using tfs 0.4, rev 3777 I'm trying to use this script to increase damage by each player reset and it also has a chance to crit but it always returns a lot of errors in console even tho the values are fine here's the script function onStatsChange(cid, attacker, type, combat, value) if...
  11. Lurk

    TFS 0.X playerGetPing is very imprecise

    Hi, I'm using tfs 0.4 and this getPlayerPing from mock adapted but it is very imprecise, when I ping my server with cmd it says that my ping is over 100, but this function says I'm at 20 something ping, any idea how I can improve it? Here's the 0.4 version int32_t...
  12. Shalaby

    C++ Where to find right click & left click in sources [walking with mouse]

    Hello where to find the responsible codes for walking with mouse clicks in the source files?
  13. Lurk

    TFS 0.X block vocations on account manager

    Hello, I have some custom vocations and they're available on my account manager. I know that's why I have my fromvoc with the same id of the vocation, but I want set on my iologindata.cpp which vocations id are available for everyone. I didn't found a good way to do this but on the sources and I...
  14. elnelson

    Lua [0.4] Watch script, show remaining time until next event

    Hello, otlanders, i have this script for the watches, its simple but i need some help to make it better, the idea is to show the remaining time for the next incoming events (ascendant order), if any event has passed it should show that event at the bottom as is the event that will take more time...
  15. S

    [TFS 0.4] Push Cumulative Question

    Hi guys! I don't know if you know this type of "push", this is very common in old versions (like 7.92). A more "skilled" player can move the character up to 3/4 sqms away. I would like to know if someone with more experience could help me implement this type of push (2, 3 or 4 sqms depending...
  16. S

    [TFS 0.4] Walkthrough other players

    Hi guys!! I was trying to make in the sources (0.4) a system that could allow players with a vocation >8 to pass through players with a vocation <=8. However, without success. This is my part of the sources that checks this: bool Player::canWalkthrough(const Creature* creature) const {...
  17. 1

    Editing Floor View with Storage 0.4

    Hey there! Firstly sorry for my bad english... So.. I'm looking for a system that verify the player storage.. and when return 1, will change the Floor View: I developed a solution that i can verify the storage in GetMapDescription, and GetFloorDescription... using a new param (bool...
  18. M

    TFS 0.X Weapon Spell

    0.4 Hello guys, im wondering if this script can be done. I need a script that, when you equip a weapon, you learn a spell. I know how to do with items like helmet and shield, but weapons have a different folder, not in movements, so i tried to do the same and didnt work. Also, Im looking for a...
  19. Lurk

    a guy made himself god and everyone else in my server aswell

    I'm using this website GesiorACC 2019 8.60 UPDATE 29/06/2019 (https://tibiaking.com/forums/topic/44980-gesioracc-2019-860-update-29062019/) I know this was posted here in otland as well tho I don't know where it is, and I'm using tfs 0.4 and google cloud to host the server I don't know how but...
  20. ralke

    convert autokick system for trainers from 0.4 to 1.3

    hi, i was wondering if someone can help me with this as a request, i got this script that i used a lot on my 0.4 server and i want to have it for tfs 1.3, its a moveevent that set a timer when player stepin, when time is finished it will teleport player to a default position. also timer is reset...