1. bybbzan

    Convert from 1.2 to 0.4

    Could someone please convert this script to 0.4? Would save my day. Script from @Stigma Thanks in advance. -- <event type="death" name="boss death" script="filename.lua"/> local rewardRoom = Position(x, y, z) function onDeath(creature, corpse, killer, mostDamageKiller, lastHitUnjustified)...
  2. P

    C++ Modal Windows 0.3.6/0.4

    Hello. Is there someone who can "copy" modal windows from TFS 1+ to TFS 0.3.6/0.4? I can't find older TFS with modal window. Thanks ;) PS. Sorry for my English, im only robot beep boop.
  3. elnelson

    TFS 0.X Guildhalls wont save after SS

    Hello otlanders, as title says, im having difficulties with this, every house is getting saved, except guildhalls., what could be wrong¿? currently using tfs 0.4 edit: i was checking my DB and after /save the values gets updated, but, when i shutdown the server the value of guildhalls owner...
  4. P

    Lua onUseWeapon(cid, var) HELP!!!!!

    Hi Everybody. My Question is this: ¿This function have the parameter of the item that is being used by the player? and if it is correct, ¿How ca i use it? (as actions: ¿¿¿onUse(cid,item)???) Thanks for ur Time! \/ function onUseWeapon(cid, var) local nameitem = getItemName(????var??????)...
  5. elnelson

    Lua [0.4] Dispel is not working.

    Hello, otlanders. Im trying to make a spell that "cures" all status, including buffs, haste, burning, etc... but it is not working at all. here is the script local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING) setCombatParam(combat...
  6. Togu

    [TFS 0.4] Anti-Bot by Potar (MOD by me)

    mods/antibot_system.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- scripts and functions by Potar --> <!-- tested on TFS 0.4 rev 3777 (Fir3Element) --> <!-- sends a check message to all players hunting --> <!-- the global event is set to check every 20 minutes (1200000 miliseconds) --> <!--...
  7. elnelson

    C++ [0.4] doAbsorbCombatPercentage and getCombatPercentageAbsorbed

    Hello, otlanders. i found a code patch for tfs 0.4 but when i try to compile it i got this error lines: In member function 'virtual void LuaInterface::registerFunctions()': 1709 D:\OTS\trunk.3777.r12\sources\luascript.cpp 'luaDoAbsorbCombatPercentage' is not a member of 'LuaInterface' 1709...
  8. Lurk

    C++ Item limit in a backpack

    I want to set a limit to subcontainers inside a container (backpack) so a player can't carry more than lets say 3000 items I have an 999x server and everyone have a loot of cap so the wight is not a solution I suppose.. I'm using tfs 0.4 rev 3777
  9. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X POI Bug on getPlayerHealth

    Server: [TFS 0.4] (8.60) - Regards, my issue is due a poi quest, when the players walk on the fires of vocations, shows me this error: [21:13:13.583] [Error - MoveEvents Interface] [21:13:13.599] data/movements/scripts/PitsOfInferno/FireKnightNorth1.lua:onStepIn [21:13:13.599] Description...
  10. Nihilist

    [OTClient] Player freezes when uses a missile and moves

    I've been having an issue trying to use TFS 0.4 (I tried 1.2 too) and OTClient v0.6.6. Whenever I try to move while using a spear (or any other "missile-object") my screen freezes and I start getting these errors on OTC terminal: [C++]: ProtocolGame::getMappedThing ERROR: no creature found...
  11. elnelson

    Lua [0.4] Attributes removed (bug).

    Hello, otlanders, i have these trade and auction systems NPC - Private Shop System and this NPC: trying to make them work properly with this random-stats mod [Mod] Random Item Stats The bug is when someone deposit an item in auction/private shop the item loses its special attributes (attack...
  12. elnelson

    [0.4 Lua] Boss dynamic attacks

    Hello, otlanders i was wondering if someone could help me to build a script with these characteristics. 1-.Boss teleport to certain waypoints with 10% chance (on battle) 2-.Boss can teleport all players on room after reaching 50% HP 3-.Boss revive once after dead (no corpse until second death)...
  13. Aldo Axel

    Lua (Moveevent) Tile requires 4 storages to pass

    As title says, i'm looking for move event script, with unique or action id, the tile needs 4 storages to let teleport him to a place... can it be done? Please & Thanks! :) (8.6) TFS 0.4
  14. F

    !pvp on or !pvp off tfs 0.4

    talkaction pvp player control example: !pvp on - attack all players !pvp off - not attack player
  15. Aldo Axel

    AAC [Znote AAC] Show Achievement Points TFS 0.4

    Greetings, I only ask for a simple table in my character profile of my Znote AAC, that only takes the progressive points of achievement, the system of achievement is this: TalkAction - Achievements LIB/Talkaction
  16. GhostWD

    C++ Skill training depended on attack speed

    Hi Otlanders! i have request to You. I would like to have script, which will make dependence with skilling and attack speed i mean if player attacks 2 times / sec it's skill would grow same as 1 time / sec, 3t/s same as 1t/s ....etc etc etc TFS 0.4.3777 Can someone help me with that? Thank...
  17. elnelson

    Lua [TFS 0.4] Gate of expertise stay open

    Hello, otlanders. I am experiencing a problema, when someone open a gate of expertise it stays open, doesnt close after player pass tru. i am using TFS 0.4 Rev 3884. Hope you guys help me find the bug :)
  18. Aldo Axel

    Lua Server Save delay until 50 seconds and disconnect

    -Repost- Regards, my issue remains the server save on my OT server as it says in the title, the saved can take up to 50 seconds, which for me is too much time, since it disconnects the players... OT server features: TFS 0.4_SVN 8.6 compiled version 3.4.5 (from otland) save.lua local config = {...
  19. M

    Compiling Buying linux host

    Hello guys I got windows host atm and Im gonna buy linux host and I never used linux before so can anyone fix the host for me? startup the ot fix website atm. Would be so good if someone can do it and my tfs is 0.4 and im using gesior. In my windows host I got no errors / bugs in my console. :)
  20. P

    Lua Awalys show green shield WS 0.4

    How to show the green shield of war system always... Even if not fighting a war, just to show more clear who is guild... Like a party for the guild? Using 0.4