1. Lurk

    Lua onThink function help

    Hello, I'm working in this script, tfs 0.4 8.6 function onThink(cid, interval) local rate = 1.15 -- só access local ratering42 = 3.15 -- ring 200 com acces local origratering42 = 3.0 -- ring 200 sem access local ratering41 = 2.45 -- ring 130 com access local origratering41 = 2.3 -- ring 130 sem...
  2. ralke

    [8.60] Greed OT based on Tfs 0.4

    Hi, I want to release all my datapack in thanks for everything I've learned in this forum. It contains 32 hunt teleports (with more teleports in its interiors), 27 quest teleports (more countless quest to explore), task systems, training dummy, pvp reward, among many others. If you have any...
  3. Lurk

    TFS 0.X player dying and reseting to level 1

    Hello, I was using this script function onPrepareDeath(cid, lastHitKiller, mostDamageKiller) if isPlayer(cid) == true then if (getPlayerSlotItem(cid, 2).itemid == 10134) then pos = getCreaturePos(cid) doCreatureSetDropLoot(cid, false) doPlayerSetLossPercent(cid, experience, 0)...
  4. mikkas70

    [TFS 0.4] Players can't connect into my server

    Hello everyone, I'm running a TFS 0.4 rev 3777 on Debian, but I'm facing some issues. Done so far: Compiled server Opened ports 7171 and 7172 both for TCP and UDP Changed my config.lua into using the ip as my public IP address (188.X.X.X) For some reason, my friends aren't able to connect to...
  5. Lurk

    TFS 0.X Always war shield

    hello, I want everyone in my server to always have the shield emblem on their character (that one of guild wars) and I know that adding this on my login.lua if getPlayerGuildId(cid) > 0 then local guild = getPlayerGuildId(cid) doGuildAddEnemy(guild, enemy, 0, WAR_GUILD)...
  6. Lurk

    TFS 0.X hundred of onCreatureLeave messages on console

    each second there's at least 30, listing npcs and monsters, there's also "Monster: monstername not found in the friendList." [19:24:33.332] Monster: Cond Jumy not found in the friendList. [19:24:33.332] onCreatureLeave - Cond Jumy I'm trying this TFS 1.X+ - tfs 1.2 how can i create a crash log...
  7. Lurk

    TFS 0.X SQL Query to change depot items

    Hello, I had some depots in certain towns linked wrong and now a player has different items in different depots at the same city. Is there a SQL Query that would allow me to send all the items my players have from one depot to another? Example: I have 30 itens in the depot of town 1 and 50 in...
  8. Lurk

    Lua Npc can only but 30 at a time

    Hello, I have a tfs 0.4 server and whenever a player has excessive items in containers (bcakpacks) and sell more than 40 at a time to a npc it will causes lag, probably because it has to check every slot in the player backpack idk, is there a way to limit the amount of itens the npc can buy at a...
  9. Lurk

    C++ tfs 0.4 crash

    so, out fo nowhere this error poped up terminate called after throwing an istance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::bad_function_call> >' what(): call to empty boost::function I have no idea what's causing it, I'm using tfs 0.4 and...
  10. M

    TFS 0.4

    Hello guys, i'd like some help here. Im tired of 8.6 tibia, with all the limited stuff and no mount. I wanna get a new version, but i'd like to keep the 0.4 version, because i worked 2 years in my 8.6 server and i know nothing about new TFS version. There is a tibia server above 8.6 thats use...
  11. bybbzan

    Convert from 1.2 to 0.4

    Could someone please convert this script to 0.4? Would save my day. Script from @Stigma Thanks in advance. -- <event type="death" name="boss death" script="filename.lua"/> local rewardRoom = Position(x, y, z) function onDeath(creature, corpse, killer, mostDamageKiller, lastHitUnjustified)...
  12. P

    C++ Modal Windows 0.3.6/0.4

    Hello. Is there someone who can "copy" modal windows from TFS 1+ to TFS 0.3.6/0.4? I can't find older TFS with modal window. Thanks ;) PS. Sorry for my English, im only robot beep boop.
  13. elnelson

    TFS 0.X Guildhalls wont save after SS

    Hello otlanders, as title says, im having difficulties with this, every house is getting saved, except guildhalls., what could be wrong¿? currently using tfs 0.4 edit: i was checking my DB and after /save the values gets updated, but, when i shutdown the server the value of guildhalls owner...
  14. P

    Lua onUseWeapon(cid, var) HELP!!!!!

    Hi Everybody. My Question is this: ¿This function have the parameter of the item that is being used by the player? and if it is correct, ¿How ca i use it? (as actions: ¿¿¿onUse(cid,item)???) Thanks for ur Time! \/ function onUseWeapon(cid, var) local nameitem = getItemName(????var??????)...
  15. elnelson

    Lua [0.4] Dispel is not working.

    Hello, otlanders. Im trying to make a spell that "cures" all status, including buffs, haste, burning, etc... but it is not working at all. here is the script local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING) setCombatParam(combat...
  16. Togu

    [TFS 0.4] Anti-Bot by Potar (MOD by me)

    mods/antibot_system.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- scripts and functions by Potar --> <!-- tested on TFS 0.4 rev 3777 (Fir3Element) --> <!-- sends a check message to all players hunting --> <!-- the global event is set to check every 20 minutes (1200000 miliseconds) --> <!--...
  17. elnelson

    C++ [0.4] doAbsorbCombatPercentage and getCombatPercentageAbsorbed

    Hello, otlanders. i found a code patch for tfs 0.4 but when i try to compile it i got this error lines: In member function 'virtual void LuaInterface::registerFunctions()': 1709 D:\OTS\trunk.3777.r12\sources\luascript.cpp 'luaDoAbsorbCombatPercentage' is not a member of 'LuaInterface' 1709...
  18. Lurk

    C++ Item limit in a backpack

    I want to set a limit to subcontainers inside a container (backpack) so a player can't carry more than lets say 3000 items I have an 999x server and everyone have a loot of cap so the wight is not a solution I suppose.. I'm using tfs 0.4 rev 3777
  19. Aldo Axel

    TFS 0.X POI Bug on getPlayerHealth

    Server: [TFS 0.4] (8.60) - Regards, my issue is due a poi quest, when the players walk on the fires of vocations, shows me this error: [21:13:13.583] [Error - MoveEvents Interface] [21:13:13.599] data/movements/scripts/PitsOfInferno/FireKnightNorth1.lua:onStepIn [21:13:13.599] Description...
  20. Nihilist

    [OTClient] Player freezes when uses a missile and moves

    I've been having an issue trying to use TFS 0.4 (I tried 1.2 too) and OTClient v0.6.6. Whenever I try to move while using a spear (or any other "missile-object") my screen freezes and I start getting these errors on OTC terminal: [C++]: ProtocolGame::getMappedThing ERROR: no creature found...