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  1. R

    Ennis - Development Thread

    Introduction Let us introduce you to our server, we've been working on it for two years. Much has changed by this time, we started as retro 7.6 ots and the project developed gradually, until we reached 12.66. In the last update we decided to create our world from scratch once again, because we...
  2. T

    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    GRAND OPENING!!! SERVER OPENS 9PM CST MARCH 12TH! Download Client at our site! Latest News - Trashformers (http://trashformers.hopto.org/) Discord!!! Join the Trashformers Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/XaJPnVES) Map full real map! Soulwars, Library, Flimsy Lost Souls!!! Custom...
  3. Fidelillo


    ------------------------ ------------------- - Tibiana-Global [12.60] [Client 10] [Android] [OTClient Bot] TIBIA 12.60 SERVER website: Latest News - Tibiana (https://tibiana-global.com/) Tibia RL Map - RETRO PVP ENFORCED Client 12.60 Client 10 Client Android! OTClient...