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  1. TheMaxwellGates

    RevScripts TFS 1.3 - Storage Timer Countdown Talkaction

    Hi, friends. I would ask if someone could please help me with a script I was searching and couldn't find anywhere. :p I need a talkaction (!bosstimer) that once the player send the command, it shows a modal window with the current cooldown to fight the bosses again. Let me give some details...
  2. Czaja Ziom

    OTClient Boss Lever cd

    Hey, so script its working good, the small issue is i can return to boss after killing multiple times, how can i make on it timer 20h at least to kill boss again. I am pretty sure there is small bit missing halp! been working on in half day :D 1.3 TFS Version also how to make auto serv save...
  3. Fabi Marzan

    TFS 1.X+ 1 Players for a Room (Boss, Check Area, Time) - Actions

    Greetings as always again here with my problems. I've been trying to figure out how to make it so that when a player uses the door, the other players will have to wait a certain time to use it again, another thing is how to make it so that if a player is in an area, the other players can't use...
  4. Fabi Marzan

    TFS 1.X+ Teleport Player In Area

    Good, I have a script that makes you teleport when you kill a monster, but it only teleports one player, what I want to do is if they are in the right area all the players are teleported. It's a revscript: local creatureevent = CreatureEvent("onDeath_teleportKiller") function...
  5. Fabi Marzan

    TFS 1.X+ Spells caster for porcent of life. (Boss)

    TFS 1.5 Greetings, I was looking for how to make a Spell that if I have 100% life I can cast the storage 2000 for example. When I have 50% health, I give another storage. When I go back up to 100%, I give the 2000 storage and the 50% storage is removed. My idea is that when a boss has health...
  6. pdrhtdn

    [TFS 1.3][REQUEST] Lever to fight boss with cooldown

    Hi everyone, I've been digging here and on other forums a way to add a cooldown to a lever so the player (solo or in a team of 5) that pulls it can only pull again after 20 hours. For example I've been working on Duke Krule, and I got this so far: Also, the boss should disappear if the player...
  7. Hover Design

    Mystery of Mahatheb [Article by Mogh]

    Article by Mogh https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/mystery-of-mahatheb-ii-eng-2/ polish version : https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/mystery-of-mahatheb-ii-pl/ It's been over two years since our first article about Mahatheb. Today our knowledge about this mysterious boss is...
  8. Hover Design

    Tibia's most mysterious boss of all times - Samael [Article by Mogh]

    Article by Mogh https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/tibias-most-mysterious-boss-of-all-times-samael/ version in polish : https://tibiasecrets.com/forums/topic/najrzadszy-tibijski-boss-wszechczasow-samael/ Thirsty for mysteries? If so, it is good that you came here. Today, we have a secret...
  9. El Man

    Error boss reward

    I need kill boss and get loot in my bag I use this script but ddint work local config = { ["Royal King "] = { loot = {{302,100,1},{2157,20,10},{8900,5,1},{5958,10,1},{2471,12,1},{6132,18,1}}, message = "Congratulations for defeating [Boss] Curselich, Your reward is now in...
  10. F

    RevScripts [BOSS] The Ravenous Hunger

    Speak personal beauty? I am using the OTServerBR TFS 1.3x server and I realized that boss Leiden on dying does not summons The Ravenous Hunger could someone help me with this script? Summoun dying to be born Boss?
  11. demon088

    Lua [TFS 1.X] Random Reward Action

    Hello OtLand! I wanted to share this action script that I have written with other scripts posted in this site. Review it and if someone wants to use, it would be cool! I'm using TFS 1.2 and it is working fine! It is useful to make this a random reward box. In my own OTS I use 6 different items...
  12. S

    TFS 1.X+ lloyd bug

    Hi, I'm having trouble with boss lloyd, which is cloned and many of them appear at the time of the fight. also do not stop appearing If someone could help me, I would be grateful, I leave the script: local monsters = { {cosmic = 'cosmic energy prism a', pos = Position(32801, 32827, 14)}...
  13. Kuantikum

    Lua BossReward TFS 1.3

    Hello :p:p:p The script is working normally, but what happens is that it only gives the loot to those who kill the boss. Is it possible to get everyone who attacks the boss to receive the REWARD? 🤔🤔🤔 local config = { ["[Boss] Curselich"] = { loot =...
  14. Kuantikum

    Compiling RewardBoss TFS 1.3

    HELLO!!! :p :p I basically open all the files from the sources of ot "New OT Project: OTServBR - Global (10x outdated with sprites 12.15" and searched for the word reward and added the modifications to the sources of my project 🤪🤪🤪 Iologindata.ccp Rewardchest.ccp /** * @file rewardchest.cpp...
  15. Kuantikum

    C++ Reward Boss for tfs 1.3

    Hello! :p:p I did some tests with some tutorials that I found here on the forum, but I was not successful :eek::rolleyes: Can someone tell me how to implement rewardBoss for TFS 1.3? 🤗🤗 I'm very grateful 😍😘🥰
  16. T

    Lua Lever Boss Helppp

    Good evening guys, how are you? hope so. I need your help guys. I have a script to use the lever and go to the boss room, but I'm not able to check if there is a player in the room before entering. so if one person is doing the boss and another wants to enter, he can do it. Can someone help...
  17. bybbzan

    Implement function to script

    Hello. is it possible to implement a function like this to the script? If so, could someone help me do it? implement part: if player:getStorageValue(22223) == 1 then -- Check if he has already started the task. npcHandler:say('You have...
  18. J.Dre

    [TFS 1.2+] Kill Monster & Create Portal

    Hi everyone, just thought I’d release this script as it is often times requested and most of the ones released are somewhat outdated. You may add multiple bosses to this script as well. :) Please post issues below. Here is the code! Creaturescripts.xml <event type="kill" name="bossKillEvent"...
  19. N


    Since most "hosters" are just wannabe programmers who think they're someone when in fact they're not; Taking the words of my beloved brother Maas, I'm forced to make this thread where I'll be posting my wholesome yet very eco-friendly propaganda; thus post less on others threads. If you don't...
  20. bybbzan

    Boss teleport

    TFS 0.4 I need a boss teleport script that works like this: Player complete task, gets storage X If player storage X and enter boss tp, face boss X. Else "You did not complete the task" Player complete task, gets storage Y If player storage Y and enter boss tp, face boss Y. Else "You did not...