1. Glecko

    [France][Custom] Ruthless Chaos - Season 5

    What is Ruthless Chaos? Ruthless Chaos is a low-rate RPG server project that strives to make players recover the unique feeling of playing a brand-new game, while maintaining the important core elements of Tibian gameplay. With 12 years of expertise in development, we can guarantee you that...
  2. Glecko

    [Germany][Custom] Ruthless Chaos Season 4

    Bonus Exp Event For a week, all players below up to level 100 will obtain an additional 50% experience from creatures. Moreover, all players will advance skills and magic level at a 50% increased rate! Register now to benefit from this event! What is Ruthless Chaos? Ruthless Chaos is a...
  3. J

    USA | ChaosOT 7.6

    The legend of ChaosOT returned ! IP: Website: Port : 7171 Reign Chaos returned to remember the old days in which it was exciting to play this great server! The server returned with several different things and totally reversed the fun of...