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USA | ChaosOT 7.6

Joao Batista

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Mar 26, 2014
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The legend of ChaosOT returned !

IP: reignchaos.servegame.com
Website: reignchaos.servegame.com:8090
Port : 7171

Reign Chaos returned to remember the old days in which it was exciting
to play this great server!
The server returned with several different things and totally reversed
the fun of all.
Admin NOVA this waiting for all for a great game!
For those who do not know the legend of the OT Chaos , it is an entirely
different server where monsters are different , different spells and
totally magical outfits!
Are welcome to this new era and enjoy the different ways to have fun on
this server ! It is the BEST!

Client: Custom client
Uptime: 24/7 so far unless theres an update
Hosted in: USA 100MB fiber line 99.9% uptime
Exp rate: 80x
Map: Custom, comes with 7 cities with TONS of custom monsters and more.
Runes: Some custom mixed in with normal. Buy able from shop in 100x.
Loot rate: Custom
Server type: Extremely Custom MUST play to understand
Skills & Magic rates: Different for each vocation
E-Mail of ReignChaos: [email protected]

Top Equipment Stats
The oblivion set

Helmet - 100% magic damage added.
Armor - 300% magic damage added.
Legging - 15% damage reduction.
Amulet - Infinate AOL, 15% Damage reduction.
Ring - 5k/5k regens.
Boots - 5k/5k regens, 15% Damage reduction.

Admin Nova.


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Jul 29, 2016
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